Can Republicans Get Hold Of The Senate Majority?

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : November 4, 2020

The upcoming elections of the United States of America have always been in the position to provide a high rate of drama for the spectators to analyze. In the recent phenomenon which is being observed, the republican control of the U.S. Senate is under a greater amount of threat.

Can Republicans Get Hold Of The Senate Majority?

In the middle of the COVID-19 crisis, the economic crunch which is being faced by the country is very much terrible. However, the manner in which the entire situation has been handled is very much terrific.

This has actually given an added advantage to the Democrats, and hence, it has boosted their chances of winning in the upcoming election. In addition, there have been 35 Senate seats which are up for the competition. Hence, in the light of the abovementioned dilemma, democrats are required to add more fuel to the already enlightened fire. Therefore, in order to flip the entire game, they actually require a gain of 3 seats per four seats. There can be certain situations in which some days could be taken over by the few states in order to calculate the final result.

This is because of the fact that the number of ballots which is being taken into accord might increase substantially owing to the increasing amount of participation in the present world. In addition, a further attempt is made to provide for the favorite democrats. This is because of the fact that the candidates of the opposite team have been engaged in increasing activities of manifesto and campaign. There have been many speculations that are being registered in the present times in order to provide for the fact that which candidates would be chosen over both of the major parties in order to represent the various states.

There have been rising speculation that the top target of the Democrats is the former astronaut Mark Kelly who is likely to hand the Republican Sen. in addition, there is an equal possibility that the famous Martha McSally would be the second Senate election contender, this would ensure that she gets into the position to recover the loss the two elections which were suffered by her in the previous years. After Arizona, there are many other states in the country of the United States of America that are registering for a similar kind of gossips.

Recently in the state of Colorado, Sen. Cory Gardner is known to be perhaps one of the most vulnerable Senate Republicans who have been making way to contest the elections by making every possible effort so far. In addition, he is also known to be running against the former states’ former governor, Democrat who is named as John Hickenlooper he is also known to be a one-time presential candidate who is known to have dropped his seat in the one and only White House in order to run the Senate.

This state has been an eye witness to the changes that have been registered in the political preferences of the people so far. This is because of the reason that the people of this state have been more inclined towards the Democrats in recent years. In addition, the candidate that has been chosen by the Democrats in order to represent in this area is also a well-known face amongst these people.

These people have also made every possible effort to register for these processes in every possible way and hence, have also made an attempt to ensure that the image in the eyes of the people is maintained to the maximum possible extent. Therefore, there have been increasing chances to denote that Democrats are rather in a win-win situation when it comes to this state. The next state in line is that of Maine. Sen. Susan Collins is known to be one of the longest targets of the Democrats so far who have been eager to take the seat which has been held by the moderate Republican since the year 1977.

However, this year an attempt is being made to ensure that Collins is in a tough position and hence is a tough competitor with Maine House Speaker Sara Gideon. Collins is also known to have been one of the deciding factors in order to determine the status of the overall country of the United States of America.

It actually contributes to the health infrastructure of the country in the best possible manner; hence, Collins was known to be one of the three Republicans to vote against repealing the Affordable Care Act of 2017. Therefore, there has been a long history that has been linked with the fact that the control of this state has been vested in the Republicans for a long duration of time, and hence, it is likely this time to be affected in any manner. However, it is never right to underestimate another party in any manner.

The increase in the amount of election propaganda and manifesto is increasing the amount of the ruckus and hence, there have been increasing amounts of speculation that is being registered in order to provide for the fact that this time might the other party win that too very easily. The Supreme court vote has also played an important role in providing for the major role in race and Gideon so far. There is another city that has been lined up so far. The aim of this city of Iowa has been to ensure that the republicans are only won.

In addition, every attempt is being made to provide for the fact that recently in the past year, the elections were won by President Trump. Hence, this year every possible attempt is being registered by the said party to ensure his win with a great majority. However, this time the democrats have also left no stone unturned to put up a tough fight against the president and hence, harbored for the existing candidate who is named at Joni. They both are likely to have the toughest fight of this era. 

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