Cannabis-Containing Candy Was Among The Drugs Seized By CNB

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : October 24, 2022

In a recent disclosure, it has been brought forward that the packets of Candy have been suspected of containing Cannabis. A suspected operation was conducted on an island two weeks back. As a part of the seizures, Cannabis was discovered. Even a total of 117 offenders involved in the drug racket would be discovered, and eventually, they were arrested. The Central narcotics bureau has conducted this operation. 

According to the official statement released by the officers, it was recorded that cannabis plants were also seized. It included around 38 grams of heroin. It also contained 254 grams of Cannabis and 181 grams of products made up of Cannabis. Even some quantities of LSD and Ecstasy tablets were also discovered as a part of this operation. The total value of the drugs seized so far is around 19,000 dollars. 

Details Of The Operation

The Central Narcotics Bureau conducted raids in areas which included the areas such as Bukit and Clemente. It was a part of the operation initiated on 15 October at the parcel post section. In this section, five packets of candies were detected to contain Cannabis. But on that day, extensive Research and detection could not be conducted. But two people were arrested in association with this. 

Cannabis-Containing Candy Was Among The Drugs Seized By CNB

There was a couple from Singapore that was arrested in this respect. It was only with the help of the information provided by the couple during interrogation that a large number of drugs could be captured on the island. All the packets of candies collected as a part of this operation contain drugs and Cannabis. 

This supply of these candies has been increased just a week before Halloween. The officials have conducted raids on all the suspected parts so far. A total of 96 grams of vegetable matter has also been discovered. During their official visits to all the suspected areas, the officials even discovered different types of flower pots and cultivation equipment that were required for the growth of the cannabis plant. 

What does the law say about this? 

The United States of America has a very strict law. If anybody is found guilty of consuming drugs such as Cannabis, then there is a very limited possibility that he would be released from the repercussions. In all cases, he can be jailed for up to 20 years. A fine of 40000 dollars can also be imposed on that person. In light of the recent incident that has taken place, it is very convenient for the consumption of Cannabis to increase as anyone can mistake candies and eat them without realizing in the first instance that it is Cannabis. 

That is why different government organizations are coming forward to spread awareness. Children have to be protected because they usually get attracted to colorful candies. The government has also increased scrutiny over every healthy product, such as cakes and other bakery items. Different helpline numbers and portals have been developed to help people instantly. Unconscious consumption of Cannabis can affect the human body to a great extent. The labeling of the products has to be scrutinized properly to ensure that no amount of hemp or Cannabis is present. 

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It can be concluded that this is one of the most serious and important issues that is posing a risk to the lives of a lot of people. Most people do not even realize that what they consume is nothing but a drug. All of these activities have to be taken under the law, and every Strict measure must be applied. 


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