Car Owners Are Experiencing Repair Delays. Here’s How You Can Cope

Andre Martin | Last Updated : December 7, 2022

Supply chain issues have caused a car parts shortage. A CBS News write-up illustrates that manufacturers are struggling to get replacement parts to suppliers. These repair delays have proven to be an inconvenience for customers, as they render their cars unusable for more extended periods of time.

Read on to learn more about the reason behind the current car parts shortage—and how you can cope with repair delays.

Why are car owners experiencing repair delays?

Amidst logistical issues involving plant shutdowns by suppliers, the auto industry has been met with challenge after challenge in recent years. A CNN article discusses that, aside from the computer chip shortage in 2020, just about every auto-related industry has dealt with a supply chain disruption. This has affected the production of car brakes, tires, transmissions, and wiper blades.

The car parts shortage spells repair delays for car owners. In the referenced CBS News write-up, one driver shared that he was on standby for a week until a car dealership could diagnose the problem with his vehicle. And for weeks, another individual reported that he didn’t have his car and had to find other means to get to and from work. Evidently, many customers are waiting for parts before they can get their cars back on the road, making it crucial to understand how you can deal with repair delays. Below are a few tips that can help you do just that.

How can you cope amidst repair delays?

Be consistent about your scheduled maintenance checks

Being proactive is one way to circumvent pesky car damages and avoid repair delays. One of the most significant ways to maintain your car is through fluid inspection. Ideally, you should change your oil every 5,000 to 8,000 kilometers. Brake fluid, engine oil, and transmission fluid are a few more changes you should keep track of to ensure that your vehicle runs smoothly. In particular, a lack of engine oil can cause your engine’s moving parts to rub against each other and incur damage. Having a maintenance checklist can help you catch any issues in your vehicle before they can escalate into more significant problems.

Ensure that your auto insurance is ready to cover any damage

When you damage your vehicle in an accident, getting it repaired will hinge on factors like who was at fault for the crash or your insurance coverage. One recourse that’ll prove helpful in an accident is having comprehensive insurance. Although Sound Dollar explains that comprehensive auto insurance may not cover the total cost of a vehicle’s replacement, it can pay for numerous other concerns. These include damage incurred from falling objects, fires, explosions, hitting an animal, natural disasters, theft, and vandalism. If another driver hits your car, you can make a claim against their liability policy—provided that their insurance covers it—to get your car repaired. Whichever the case may be, anticipate potential accidents and confirm that your auto insurance can cover the damages. This way, you can efficiently meet repair costs and avoid repair delays.

Prepare your health insurance for car accident injuries

Beyond repair costs and the limited availability of replacement parts, car damage caused by accidents may entail paying medical bills for injuries. The US News Healthcare Index reports that more individuals are seeking health insurance coverage due to rising consumer costs. One reason may be that health insurance can also cover auto-related accidents. Although your auto insurance typically takes precedence in such cases, a WBUR feature shows that health insurance can cover your copayments and any charges that your auto insurance doesn’t. However, it’s recommended that you use any MedPay auto insurance coverage before filing a health insurance claim. This lets you avoid deductibles, which you must pay before your insurance kicks in. The last thing you want to struggle with after a car accident is paying out-of-pocket for your medical bills, so be prepared with your health insurance.

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