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Cardinal Who Opposed Covid-19 Vaccines Is Now On A Ventilator

In the year 2020, when the Covid-19 pandemic first broke out many people were sceptical about the effects of the virus. Some even disregarded the Covid-19 safety protocols that doctors and officials had set in place. However, the biggest instance of resistance was seen when Covid-19 vaccines were introduced.

Several people have refused to take the vaccine, often due to the fear of injecting themselves with a drug that had not been properly tested. This fear was increased when certain public figures refused and even scorned taking the vaccine. Cardinal Raymond Leo Burke, a prelate of the Roman Catholic Church was one such figure.

Cardinal Who Opposed Covid-19 Vaccines Is Now On A Ventilator

The Cardinal was quite vocal about his opinion of the Corona virus and his distrust of the Covid-19 vaccine. He detailed his opinions during a mass at the Shrine of Our Lady of Guadalupe. In December 2020, he gave a homily at the Shrine of Our Lady of Guadalupe, alluded to the Covid-19 virus which he mentioned as the Wuhan virus.

Cardinal Who Opposed Covid-19 Vaccines Is Now On A Ventilator

In his homily he stated that the Covid-19 virus was used by certain powers to cause destruction and harm to families and to the freedom of states. He stated that the virus was used as a weapon to advance evil agendas. Cardinal Burke spoke further on the matter of the Covid-19 virus at the Rome Life Forum in May 2020.

At the forum, his speech mentioned the Covid-19 vaccination programs that were set up by the government. He stated that citizens could not be forced to take the Covid-19 vaccine. Cardinal Burke said that when a state imposes vaccinations on people, it violates people’s integrity.

Cardinal Raymond Burke did say that though the state is well within its right to provide safety regulations for people to abide by in order to prevent against illness, the state is not the ultimate authority on the matter. Cardinal Burke said that the ultimate provider of health is God and whatever the state decides to do must be in coordination with God and his Law.

Cardinal Burke also falsely alleged that the Covid-19 vaccines would provide the cover for injecting hidden microchips that would make people fall under government control. These false claims made people believe that the government was injecting microchips under the skin in order to control one’s health choices and other matters.

Recently news about Cardinal Raymond Burke came to light via a tweet stating that the Cardinal had been hospitalized. On the 10th of August, a tweet from Cardinal Burke informed his followers that he had contracted the Covid-19 virus and he needed to be hospitalized and put onto a ventilator.

The tweet read that the Cardinal had tested positive for the virus. The Cardinal also thanked God saying that he is resting comfortably and is under the best medical care. Most are unsure whether the Cardinal, who is currently in his 70, has received any doses of the Covid-19 vaccination.

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Cardinal Burke will be missing quite a few Masses that he was supposed to participate in over the past few weeks at the Shrine of Our Lady of Guadalupe. The Shrine, which is located in LA Crosse, Wisconsin was founded by Cardinal Burke himself.

Father Edward Beck, a religion commentator classified this conservative view as “outliers”. Father Beck explains that these views are not a commonality among people he encounters on a regular basis. Father Beck explains that in a majority of the Catholic population, Cardinal Raymond Burke and some other right-wing bishops are considered to be outliers.

Father Beck also ascertain that based on this analysis while the Cardinal’s opinions are shred by a few followers it is wholly disregarded by the majority of Catholic people. Father Beck goes on to say that he has first hand experience of this as he works in three parishes and almost everybody plans on getting the Covid-19 vaccine.

He explains that those who are not going to be taking the vaccine is only due to health reasons. He firmly believes that the Church’s stance has nothing to do with people’s decisions about taking the vaccine. Father Beck adds that based on this public opinion it doesn’t seem like Cardinal Burke’s false claims about the vaccine have affected people’s choices.

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