Cases Of Covid-19 Goes Up By 60 Million As Per The Recent Data In US

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : January 11, 2022

The USA counts for the highest number of COVID cases till now, as per the recent official data. Almost 15% of the world’s mortality rates are from this country only. Sunday reports confirmed a total of 60 million cases in the US. Johns Hopkins University declared a minimum of 837,594 deaths in the country in the first month of 2022. 

Cases Of Covid-19 Goes Up By 60 Million As Per The Recent Data In US

American reported the first case of the Omicron variant on 1st December 2021. While giving an interview, one of the top-most medical advisors in the country, Dr. Fauci, stated this fact. He also added that it was the case of California, one of the states of the US. 

Cases Of Covid-19 Goes Up By 60 Million As Per The Recent Data In US

The biggest impact of the coronavirus was on this nation, right from the beginning. It comprises almost 20% of the global cases of the disease. Doctors are under huge pressure while managing the situations prevailing in the hospitals, with more dead bodies piling up. 

As per the federal reports, in 2020 November, the caseload in America was around 10 million. People thought it was too much at that time. However, it attracted more alarm when the total number of cases crossed 20 million in January. That is how the new variant made the people welcome the NEW YEAR 2021. 

With more cases coming up, September showed issues crossing 40 million. After that, the caseload surpassed a count of fifty million during the month of December, marking an unbelievable end of 2021. 2022 is not better either with the discovery of the new variant, Omicron. 

Xinhua News Agency gave the accurate number of COVID-19 cases until last week. A total of 837,504 deaths is creating chaos in the whole country. Till Sunday, the total case count was precisely 60,062,077. That makes it cross the slab of 60million within a week. 

As per the specialists, the Omicron variant is not as dangerous as the Delta. However, the cases are beyond control now, keeping in mind the present condition. The WHO reported that people must not consider Omicron a mild one. The death rates are still increasing at an alarming rate. So, both doses of vaccination are a must. 

The country is all sent to provide booster shots to the frontline workers and senior citizens. The strict restrictions of wearing masks and using sanitizers prevail throughout to reduce the spread. The hospitalizations rates are indicating more positive cases among the children. Mostly the kids under 5 years are the recent victims of the new variant of the virus. 

The doctors are advising more precautions and mandatory vaccinations for the parents. They must not be casual while meeting with the young ones after coming from outside. It is better not to attend parties now. 

Omicron is creating a rapid disturbance in the health sector all over the world. Alongside, the cases of the powerful Delta variant are also doubling up. Amidst such a scenario, the hospitals are experiencing massive pressure. The US Government is requesting the public to follow the COVID protocols more seriously. With the imposing of more stringent health regulations, the country is expecting a downside of the virus in the coming days. 

In the words of Fauci, the caseloads will be reduced significantly by the end of 2022. Although it is just an estimation, such a statement has ushered a ray of hope among US citizens. Observing the protocols without fail for a few more days will keep more people safe. Complete covid measures need to be taken for the children. As they are not vaccinated, the USA is warning the adults to be alert. 

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