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Cases Triple Since Last Month; Flu Shot Can Reduce The Risk- Latest COVID-19 Updates

About 40% of total cases in the US are from Louisiana, Florida, and Georgia. Hospitalizations and deaths are burdening the hospitals in these areas, most of them which account for the unvaccinated people.

Florida is one of the worst hits. Out of 25,000 active cases, around 12,000 and more patients are currently hospitalized in intensive care units. The hospitals are so strained that the hospital beds are being extended to auditoriums, conference rooms, and cafeterias.

In Georgia too hospitals are filling up fast. Nearly 25 hospitals and medical centers have closed new admissions because of a lack of space. There are 2,600 plus active cases in the state. In Louisiana, as of Thursday, there were 2,350 cases of coronavirus. Georgia and Louisiana account for the lowest vaccination rate in the country. Only 38% of total people are vaccinated.

Cases Triple Since Last Month; Flu Shot Can Reduce The Risk- Latest COVID-19 Updates

Memorial Healthcare System’s chief medical officer Dr. Marc Napp said that the state is witnessing a surge like never before in the aspect of hospitalization. The number of beds with COVID-19 patients is increasing while the country faces a shortage of doctors, nurses, and hospitals.

Cases Triple Since Last Month; Flu Shot Can Reduce The Risk- Latest COVID-19 Updates

Over the past month, the number of hospitalizations has tripled. There were around 12,000 positive cases last moment which has jumped to over 43,000 currently, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Health experts believe that this wave has made cases rise more swiftly and many young people unlike the last wave are falling prey to it.

Most of these hospitalized patients and other coronavirus cases are unvaccinated people. Medical health experts and President Joe Biden called it a pandemic of the unvaccinated.

An order has been issued by California’s public health department according to which all the workers in healthcare settings should be vaccinated against COVID-19. This comes after the surge of the fourth wave fueled by the delta variant.

The ultimatum has been set for September 30, before which all the hospital workers, nursing home facilities, and every worker should be fully vaccinated. This has been mandated to every worker, whether or not they come in direct contact with the patients. This applies to around 2.2 million workers.

State health department’s director Tomás J Aragón said in a release that recent health care outbreaks have been traced to staff members who remain unvaccinated. There are rare religious and medical exemptions, but they will need to get tested and wear a mask compulsorily.

California, last month became the first state to introduce mandatory vaccination for all healthcare employees, requiring them to produce proof by August 2. If not, they have to adhere to compulsory testing and preventive measures. Since then, many other states and corporate houses have followed.

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According to a new study published in Plos One, flu shots are known to reduce the adverse effects of infection with COVID-19. More than 74,000 patients’ records were analyzed who had taken the flu shot up to 6 months before contracting COVID-19 and compared to those who did not.

The results found out that those who didn’t take the flu shot were 58% more vulnerable to getting hospitalized and 20% at risk of going to an ICU.

As the time of school reopening approaches closer, growing evidence suggests that children are becoming more prone to the virus because of the highly contagious delta variant.

As of July 29, around 4.2 million children have contracted the COVID-19 virus since the pandemic and 72,000 of them are from the last week, confirmed the American Academy of Pediatrics. The figure has doubled since the previous week. In Tennessee’s Le Bonheur Children’s Hospital, two kids have lost their lives to this deadly virus.

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