Catch These Latest Movies Online During Holiday Weekend

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : November 6, 2020

The surge in Covid 19 cases has resulted in the shutdown of movie theatres across the country. Even though some of them tried to reopen in the last few months, they are struggling a lot with less occupancy and not able to get big-ticket releases to attract the crowd.

Catch These Latest Movies Online During Holiday Weekend

Some big movies that have spent a lot of money are waiting for the full-fledged opening of theatres so that they can recover their investment. As many people are not willing to take the risk to watch a movie in theatres, the big movies are not planning to release immediately. Due to this situation, several small and medium budget movies are releasing online as they are not able to wait for the theatres to open on a full scale.

Given this situation, many movies are now releasing on OTT platforms, and viewers have also accepted this with open arms. This provides them with entertainment at home without taking the risk of going to a movie theatre during the pandemic.

As the holiday season nears, many people are stuck at home as there are less options to safely enjoy the holiday out of the home. In this situation, most people are looking forward to the new movies that are scheduled to release during the holiday season.

Top OTT platforms like Netflix and Amazon Prime along with Disney, have lined up attractive releases for the holiday season. In this article, let us take a look at some of the interesting movies you can catch up during this holiday season.

Starring Gary Oldman, Lily Collins and Amanda Seyfried in lead roles, Mank is one interesting movie you can watch on Netflix. The movie is premiering on the 4th of December and it is directed by David Fincher. The movie is about an alcoholic screenwriter Oldman, and the story is set in 1940. The movie deals with the romantic relationship of Mank with his actress girlfriend Marion and media mogul William Randolph Hearst. The Hollywood affair set in the old era is a treat to watch, and the trailer looks interesting.

Amazon Prime has lined up some interesting films, and one of them is Red, White and Blue directed by Steve McQueen. The movie has John Boyega, Steve Toussaint and Antonia Thomas in lead roles and it talks about the protagonist’s experience as a young scientist in the police force. The protagonist wants to challenge systemic racism in the police force and how he realizes that it is everywhere.

Yet another interesting movie from Amazon Prime is Sound of Metal that shows the life of drummer Ruben who loses his hearing and struggles hard to fight his addiction and lead a normal life. He finally joins a halfway house for deaf addicts and tries to get used to the new normal. The movie is directed by Darius Marder and has Riz Ahmed, Olivia Cooke and Paul Raci in lead roles.

Hillbilly Elegy deals with a Yale law student Basso and his drug-addicted mother in a nice way. Basso has to go back to his hometown and deal with his abusive mother. On the other hand, he loves his grandmother Close, who supports the family. The movie is an adaptation of JD Vance’s memoir. It is directed by Ron Howard and has Amy Adams, Glenn Close and Gabriel Basso in lead roles. The movie premiered on 24 November, and you can catch it on Netflix.

If you are a fan of romantic comedy, you can consider watching the Happiest Season directed by Clea DuVall. The movie stars Kristen Stewart, Mackenzie Davis and Daniel Levy in lead roles. It deals with the love story of Abby and Harper and how their relationship gets tested during the holiday season.

The musical comedy Prom stars Meryl Streep, Nicole Kidman and James Corden in lead roles and it is directed by Ryan Murphy. It is an adaptation of the Broadway show and deals with the life of stage performers who need a boost in their career. They travel to a small town to help a teenage girl attend her high-school prom with her girlfriend.

These are some of the top movies that are streaming on top OTT platforms during the holiday season. You can sit at home and enjoy these movies with friends and family members. This is the best entertainment you can get at your home during this holiday season when limited options are available outside to watch movies in theatres. All you need to do is to plan your subscription and enjoy the movies at your home. These movies can certainly make your holidays interesting as you are stuck at home due to rising cases of coronavirus across the country.

In the last few weeks, the number of coronavirus infections has increased by a huge margin, and the authorities have asked people to stay at home during the holiday season in many states. In this situation, it is not a good idea to venture outside to watch movies in theatres. Most theatres are not fully open, and it is very risky to watch movies in a theatre as there is a high chance of getting infected. The movie theatres cannot ask people to get tested before they visit the theatres, and even one infected person can cause a lot of damage in a closed environment like a movie theatre.

For this reason, the authorities have even asked movie theatres to reduce the seating capacity and provide enough space for social distancing. Most of the theatres that are open are only having half their original capacity. Even after taking such measures, they are still finding it difficult to get good releases as the crowd is still not back to normal levels. There is very little fun to watch movies in this manner, and it makes a lot of sense to catch them online in a safe way.

Watching movies at home on OTTs can be a lot of fun, and it is also economical to choose such options apart from being safe. You can stay at home to watch these movies during the holiday season and keep yourself safe from the threat of coronavirus.

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