Health Officials Ask People To Be Cautious About St. Patrick’s Day Celebrations

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : March 18, 2021

The local health public departments are requesting organizations, individuals, and businesses to consider being very cautious when they plan to hold celebrations for St. Patrick’s Day and other NCAA tournament celebrations.

Health Officials Ask People To Be Cautious About St. Patrick’s Day Celebrations

Even if the vaccinations have been rolled out, there are only 20 percent of the total people at the present that have got the vaccine shot and this has been mostly the older population as said by Dan Suffoletto who is the public information supervisor at the Public Health-Dayton and the Montgomery County. Technically speaking, the older population will not be the ones who will be gathering together in the large crowds at St. Patrick’s Day.

Health Officials Ask People To Be Cautious About St. Patrick’s Day Celebrations

So the COVID-19 vaccinations are being given to those who are above the age of 50, and to the people with severe medical cases and some qualified occupations like health care workers as said by Suffoletto. Additionally, in Montgomery County, about 2.8 percent of the people from the age of 20 to 29 are being vaccinated, Suffoletto added.

The young generation needs to be careful that even though the number of COVID-19 cases is continuously decreasing. Still, there are many cases of the COVID-19 in Montgomery County and Ohio too, he said.

People can celebrate local St. Patrick’s Day but with some safeguards and masks on.

Suffoletto said any particular time you get close to someone you can be contracting or spreading Covid-19.

The departments of health are urging the restaurants and others for maintaining a proper guideline for social distancing among their customers, and not allowing their places to get overcrowded and they must enforce the mask mandate among the crowd.

Another lounge, that serves around a maximum of 230 on an average day serves around 15,000 people on every St. Patrick’s Day, as per Anthony Good, who is the general manager.

The previous year, Dayton’s business had already lost around $150,000 from the $250,000 investment for making St. Patrick’s day is a rememberable experience as the COVID-19 had arrived. It had to shut down all its restaurants before March 17, as Good said. In the year, it intends to deliver a great time, but ensuring the safety of everyone around them, he said.

They are not putting any celebration for St. Patrick’s day but this one is happening to them and they are handling it in the best way possible Good added. They will either be serving their customers in the way they are doing at this moment or handle the influx of all the people with precautions or they would not be able to do as much. Since around 6000 people might not be ready, so they have decided not to do any big celebration.

The Dublin restaurant plans to make St. Patrick’s Day a reservation-only event to stay safe and organized, with barricades in place and social distancing. Also, they have an idea of  “the fun police” patrolling that fun zone to make it mandatory for all to wear masks keeping in view Ohio Department of Health guidelines.

Owing to the pandemic the city was canceling events this year because it was quite difficult to hold any function by following strict guidelines laid by the health department. Good said that people should not consider them as dumb but they don’t want their event to be the superspreader event of the year.

Flanagan’s restaurant will not be able to entertain as large a crowd as it normally used to on St. Patrick’s Days around its property. Instead, they will lay out tables at least six feet apart keeping in view social distancing guidelines as told by  Michelle Disher.

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