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CDC Backs Pfizer Covid 19 Vaccine Booster Shots For Millions Of People

An important vaccine advisory committee backed the recommendation for Pfizer’s vaccine booster shots for certain groups of individuals. It paved way for millions of Americans to get the booster dose. But the proposal closed the doors on the Biden Administration’s plan to administer it to the general public.

CDC Backs Pfizer Covid 19 Vaccine Booster Shots For Millions Of People

CDC’s vaccine advisory committee voted in favor of offering vaccine booster shots to the following groups of people:

CDC Backs Pfizer Covid 19 Vaccine Booster Shots For Millions Of People

The interval for booster dose, according to its proposal, is six months after the second dose. It also allowed those in the age-range of 18-49 with pre-existing health issues to receive the booster dose based on their risk assessment.

CDC’s Director is yet to respond to the recommendation. This comes one day after the FDA allowed emergency use authorization for booster shots for the elderly along with certain other groups of people.

The committee had a tough time trying to rationale of administering booster shots to the general public. The data available were quite limited in the matter.

Health officials in general agree that vaccines are there to prevent severe infection, hospitalization and death. President Biden, however, wanted to provide the vaccine booster shots to the general public. He wanted to be one step ahead of the pandemic in the instance of vaccine-induced immunity waning with time. The advisory committee found the logic quite irrational. It said that booster shots will not end the pandemic.

According to one among them, the pandemic is still there not because of people received only two doses of a vaccine. It is now an infection of the unvaccinated.

President Biden’s plan for booster doses applied both for the recipients of the Pfizer and the Moderna vaccines. But experts said that there is no sufficient data to consider Moderna for the time being. In the same way, those who received the Johnson & Johnson vaccine too will have to wait for a few months before the agency can recommend a second dose.

The committee was displeased at the situation that their recommendations applied only to Pfizer vaccine. As per the data from CDC, 13000000 people eligible to get vaccinated have received the Pfizer dose and they can receive the booster shot as per the recommendation. Almost the same number of people received either the J&J or the Moderna vaccine. They have to wait for at least six months before they can receive the third dose.

One member of the committee expressed her frustration with the scenario. It is difficult to announce to the groups recommended for the booster shot like; you are prone to severe infection. But only 50% among you can protect yourselves for now.

The advisory panel’s recommendation appeared to be narrowed when compared with the plan of President Biden. He and his team wanted the general public to receive the third dose to ensure better immunity against COVID 19. Some among them even criticized him for announcing the plan before it can get the final nod. This created a situation when people began looking for boosters before they got approved.

President Biden announced his plan to administer booster shots to everyone. He wanted it to happen eight months after the second dose. But the expert panel took the regulatory authority to task for its present process of approval. They wanted to know if Biden administration can understand the science behind it.

Even then, the recommended groups are those who were given priority in President Biden’s plan. This leaves the doors open for an optimistic outlook.

As newer data is available, the regulatory agencies may reconsider their recommendation and expand the reach of booster dose.

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