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CDC Changes Mask Guidelines Over 2000 COVID Deaths In A Week

The CDC has reversed its course and announced that fully vaccinated American citizens to stay masked even indoors especially in areas of high transmission. First time in the past three months the death tolls have risen up to more than 60,000 per day. The delta variant being the main contributor to this spread the unvaccinated are at major risk of transmission.

CDC Changes Mask Guidelines Over 2000 COVID Deaths In A Week

Meanwhile, the vaccinated are prone to breakthrough cases. The recent data from John Hopkins University shows that the unvaccinated are being hospitalized largely. When CDC has declared to stay masked indoors, a sense of worry has been going around the state. 

CDC Changes Mask Guidelines Over 2000 COVID Deaths In A Week

Many have shown mixed responses to these revised guidelines issued by CDC. The governors of NYC and New Jersey have made the masks mandatory for indoors. California suggested regardless of vaccination status it is best to stay masked. Kansas Governor Laura Kelly said they will be following CDC guidelines.

Asa Hutchinson, Arkansas governor said mask mandates in school will be revisited. Meanwhile Pennsylvania and Michigan are not bringing in any new COVID-19 orders in near future. The pandemic isn’t over yet as proof we can see the data globally. WHO has said that the number of pandemic deaths has increased to 21%. If this trend goes on then globally the number would easily cross 200 million in the coming weeks.

Google on vaccination mandates

Google and Facebook have become major companies to require COVID vaccinations of their employees who are working in company facilities. Google’s CEO Sundar Pichai said that the vaccination mandate would be finalized based on the availability of vaccination worldwide.

Though it was good to see fully vaccinated employees back to work the voluntary work from the home policy would still exist until October this year. One of the main concerns is the emergence of the Delta variant. Pichai also said getting vaccinated is one of the priorities and is important to stay healthy in the coming months. 

Breakthrough Cases

A new study from Israel has found that almost 3 % of medical workers became COVID positive although they were fully vaccinated. Around 1500 Israeli health workers who had taken Pfizer-BioNTech vaccinations 4 months backtested positive. Out of these few had weakened immune systems.

Even though breakthrough cases were expected but the sudden rise in breakthrough cases raises a concern about vaccination and its effectiveness. Though none of the breakthrough cases went hospitalized they reportedly experienced shortness of breath and fatigue.

Two shots of vaccinations from Pfizer and Moderna were found to be almost 95% effective but there are cases wherein people are getting affected even after being fully vaccinated. If you fall ill after being fully vaccinated chances of high-level health complication is low. Vaccinations have been found to reduce the intensity and hospitalization caused by the virus.

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Confusion and Concerns among Employees

Many employers had announced back to the office from September but they are rethinking their announcement now because of the sudden surge in delta variant. CDC has said the vaccinated too can transmit the virus. This has created an uncertain situation among employees about working guidelines.

Tier 1 companies like Google, Microsoft are inclining towards adopting a hybrid work model. Going forward employees will be working both from the office as well as home. This won’t be a temporary solution. The companies have made their analysis before adopting this. Data from Google suggested that at first, the productivity rate dropped in March 2020 when the first wave hit the world. Later it spiked high quickly.  This has also led people to the “disorienting” phase because it feels all new to socialize now!

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