CDC Data Points A 20% High Chance For Black Teens To Be Killed Than Whites By A Gun

Special Correspondent | Last Updated : February 26, 2021

The Center for Diseases Control and Prevention (CDC) has released a gun mortality data review this week. The data pointed out that young men and teens in the US are more likely to face gun homicide than their White counterparts. The statistics show there are more than one-third of the firearm homicide victims in 2019 were Black. 

The review titled “A Public Health Crisis in the Making” indicated that the young men and Teens of Black origin and in the age group of 15 to 34 years, accounts for only 2% of the US population. But when it comes to firearm homicide, the group of Black young and teens accounts for 37% of the US population. The data reviewed is of the year 2019.

CDC Data Points A 20% High Chance For Black Teens To Be Killed Than Whites By A Gun

The statistics show that young Black men and teens in the given age group are st a risk of to be killed by a firearm that is 20% more than the White men and teens in the same age group.

According to a study by the Education Fund to Stop Gun Violence and a Coalition to gun violence, the data for gun homicides in 2019 revealed that more than half of the homicide victims were Black. Again, if the victims go by the gender of the victims, around 63% of the male homicide victims were Black. 

CDC Data Points A 20% High Chance For Black Teens To Be Killed Than Whites By A Gun

If the results are compared with the White counterparts, the results are quite different and shocking. In stark contrast, the Black men of all ages were found to be a victim of firearm homicide which is 14% higher than the White males of all ages.

The data revealed that Black men are more likely to be victims of gun homicide than the US’s general population, including women. The numbers pointed to an 8% higher chance for Black males to die of firearms than the US’s total population.

Similar data is extracted for the Black females in the US who were a victim of the firearm homicide in 2019. 

Black women and teens are also at much higher risk of dying in a gun homicide than White women and girls. They are at risk 4 times higher than the White females to be killed by a firearm. 

Black women and girls are also at the highest risk of being a victim of firearm homicide than women and girls of any other colour, race, or ethnicity. 

According to Epidemiologist Ed Clark from the A&M University’s Institute of Public Health in Florida, gun violence is one of the Black community’s major crises. It has been prevailing in society for a long time.

Clark, who is a gun violence expert, said that gun fatalities and injuries need to be addressed and reduced through a holistic approach. 

Viewing gun violence as public health crises can help in tackling the issue. Public health is responsible for the wellness of the population in the country. Looking at gun violence as a health threat can decrease such incidents. He said that gun violence has grown into a problem that definitely needs a look through the lens of public health crises.

American Indians and the Alaska natives fall shortly behind in the data of firearms homicide victims than the Black men and women. 

The study concluded that the statistics involved only firearms homicide victims. But gun violence is even far spread given that many gunshots do not lead to death, some are just minor injuries, and some are missed shots. In reality, gun violence is a far serious societal problem than is revealed in the review. 

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