CDC Finds Delta Variant Increases Risk Of Childbirth

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : November 24, 2021

In a recent study which was done by CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), it was found that Delta variant can cause stillbirth. Women who are pregnant and has been infected with delta variant are more likely to experience this major issue.

CDC Finds Delta Variant Increases Risk Of Childbirth

Dr. Ellie Ragsdale from Cleveland Medical Center stated that they have been seeing some complex pregnancy cases with the covid 19 virus. Some of the complications observed by the doctors are high blood pressure, early delivery, and in some rare cases pregnancy loss as well.

Delta Variant Increases Risk Of Childbirth

This study included pregnant women from the time period of March 2020 to September 2021 wherein 1.2 million people were checked. Before covid, the stillbirth rate in the US was just 0.59% however with the covid 19 pandemic the stillbirth rate is now at 0.64%.

These numbers are not too high, however; the major concerning factor is that for women who had contact covid 19 virus the rate of stillbirth in them was 0.98%. With the delta variant in the environment which was observed in July, the stillbirth rate went to 2.7% which is a huge leap.

The study doesn’t provide any grounds as to delta variant is directly responsible for stillbirth and the researchers state that there may be many other variables in the play as well which needs to be considered. The only thing that has been found is that pregnant women who had contacted covid 19 saw less oxygen level in the fetuses.

The test did not filter out pregnant women`s based on the vaccination, however, Ragsdale stated that vaccination will play an important role as well. As per CDC delta variant took full force in July and from 34,016 women`s who had contacted covid during this time period around 348 lost their child.

Another important thing to look is that if the mother has some other health issues while being pregnant and contacting the delta variant this could prove very fatal. In Mississippi alone, 15 deaths were observed from July were in patients who either had type 2 diabetes or high blood pressure.

It has been observed that the 15 women were not vaccinated. CDC has stated that the vaccination can now be used by pregnant women as well and is one of the key factors in saving the baby as well.

Dr. Zsakeba Henderson stated that many of her patients who are pregnant are not ready to take the vaccination as they think it will do harm to the baby. She stated that public awareness needs to be raised on this topic as well and local leaders need to explain this.

If the pregnant women do not take vaccination then it causes their baby much more issues even if the virus doesn’t affect the mother. Fetus not getting enough oxygen is a grave issue as their brain development will be affected very severely.

Some of the women cant take the vaccination as they have some underlying conditions and they need to take extra care of their body as well as be on strong immunity boosters.

This can be discussed with the doctor or any health care professionals who can help the mother get the right vitamins for staying fit.

Another important thing that CDC stated is people who are constantly around pregnant women should be fully vaccinated. They should also wear masks and socially distance themselves from their mother. Taking care of the mother’s health is quite vital for the baby`s development at this stage.

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