CDC Findings Had Shown A Rapid Increase In Adolescent Suicidal Attempts In The Course Of Pandemic

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : June 14, 2021

The adolescent suicide attempts were reported at the starting of the pandemic year 2020 and are increasing rapidly on this going lockdown period till 2021. These suicide attempts were been spiking mainly in the girls of age between 12 to 17 years. 

CDC Findings Had Shown A Rapid Increase In Adolescent Suicidal Attempts In The Course Of Pandemic

According to experts, the emergency room had become a regular visit to the adolescents who are attempting the suicides. Emergency rooms are also arranged for the suspected suicide attempts mainly for adolescents said, researchers. 

CDC Findings Had Shown A Rapid Increase In Adolescent Suicidal Attempts In The Course Of Pandemic

During this coronavirus pandemic, a study has been published by the disease control and prevention centers by stating that, girls should be taken care of from suicidal attempts. An economic theory had explained the situation very naturally.

A huge spectrum has been created attention for suicidal behavior in adolescents. According to the survey, the increase of suicidal attempts had risen in the year 2020, May. From February 2020 till March 2021 the visits to emergency rooms and visits of suspected suicidal attempts are increased.

In comparison between girls and boys, suicide attempts are 50 percent higher for girls, whereas 4 percent was higher for boys. According to the study, in comparison of rates in the year 2019, the corresponding rates are depended on the emergency departments.

The survey calculated the ratio on suicide attempts to have an estimation rate among the adolescents; the ratio is 50:1 to 100:1. These suicide attempts are been increasing among all the races with higher rates.

In a recent survey conducted among the young citizens the suicide attempts are 2.4 times higher in the year 2020, and other 1.7 times higher are attempted in the year 2019, and 2.1 times higher are attempted in this recent year 2021. This study has proved that “increase in suicide attempts are being higher year by year and largely suspected attempts of suicides are commonly visiting in the females compared to males in the adolescent age”.

Doctors had started about a study where the difference is found between the number of girls and boys which is consistent on the past researches, based on the previous finding’s doctors said that “self-report suicides are filed on girls compared to boys”.

The researchers say that still the findings are being increased day by day. The main reason where the girls are attempting the suicides because of distress among the young girls mainly during this pandemic. The previous reports which mean before the pandemic the reported cases are less on attempting the suicides.

Among these young girls, the attention has been increased on reinforcing the need for action on their behavior and keeping preventing themselves, the other reason is the increase in population.

Doctors said that, the main important thing that follows a report with an increase in attempts during both pandemic years of 2020 and 2021. This study doesn’t mean that all adolescent girls are interested in attempting the suicides. The other has been noted that attempts are only increasing but no deaths.

The recent study finds that examined data of emergency departments is over 70 percent across all the 49 states in the world. These cases are having several limitations which include representations on undercounting of suspected suicide attempts.

The severe injuries are also admitted under emergency departments where these reports are also combined on this pandemic. This study is not to determine the link between the COVID-19 pandemic and suicidal attempts said, researchers.

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