CDC Mask Guidance Gets The Mixed Response In The US

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : March 2, 2022

The new guidance from the CDC regarding using masks has got mixed responses among Americans. While some people welcomed the move as it meant that they could move around freely without wearing masks all the time, others were still cautious as they had suffered a lot during the pandemic.

CDC Mask Guidance Gets The Mixed Response In The US

The CDC had recently announced that healthy people living in areas not having too many cases could take off masks. However, the mask mandate is still valid in public places and public transport. When it comes to indoor areas, the agency has left the decision to local authorities. It is interesting to see how educational institutions would react to this new guideline.

CDC Mask Guidance Gets The Mixed Response In The US

Interestingly, several Americans had already discarded the masks long before the CDC issued these guidelines. Some of them did not use masks even during the pandemic’s peak. The usage of masks to protect from Covid infection had become a political issue, and some people opposed the mask mandate purely because of their political beliefs.

In this situation, the CDC guidelines do not change anything in a practical manner as people who are cautious will continue to use them anyway, and people who do not want to follow will anyway discard the masks.

The school authorities and the local administration are now in charge of taking the decision in educational institutions. It would be interesting to see if children are asked to take a break from wearing masks in schools and colleges. While some parents welcome the move, others oppose as they feel that it is too early to take off masks and there is a chance of infection among children.

The mask mandate in schools will be lifted from Monday in Illinois, and children can remove them while they are inside the school campus. However, Chicago Public school has decided to continue with the mask mandate to maintain the safety of children.

In Los Angeles, people who are vaccinated can remove masks in indoor areas. Some states like Washington and Oregon plan to implement the new guidelines by the end of this month.

However, experts feel that millions of people are still vulnerable in the US as they are not yet vaccinated, and this provides an opportunity for the virus to spring back into action. Due to this risk, most health professionals want to continue using masks when they are in public places.

Some people who are supporting the new guidance of the CDC say that they are sick and tired of using masks for all these years, and they need a break from this requirement. It has caused inconvenience to many people who have to wear masks for several hours.

One noticeable change that is seen among the public is that people are no longer intolerant about using masks, and there are no huge fights in this regard. This was seen in the early stages of the pandemic when people wearing masks felt that others who were not wearing them are a risk to society.

However, the situation has changed drastically today, and the number of cases has come down by a huge margin. Due to this reason, a majority of Americans are no longer using masks in public places.

As of now, the overall situation regarding the number of cases in the US is under control. According to experts, the trend is likely to continue in this manner for the next few months. However, there is a risk of the fourth wave in the winter season, and the mask mandates are likely to be brought back in that situation in the US.

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