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CDC Data Shows That Nearly Hundred Percent Of Fully Vaccinated Americans Didn’t Report Covid-19

US Centres for Disease Control Data suggests lately there were no critical cases or hospitalizations among the fully vaccinated US citizens. Health experts have been highlighting and stressing about this data from previous months. This brings a sense of relief in knowing that vaccinations against COVID-19 are effective against serious illness and death cases. Vaccination proves to be the current best available solution against pandemics.

CDC Data Shows That Nearly Hundred Percent Of Fully Vaccinated Americans Didn’t Report Covid-19

Breakthrough cases in July amounted to 6.5k cases which included 6,239 hospitalizations and nearly 1,263 deaths. When this data was collected a total of 163 million people in the US were completely vaccinated. If we divide the number of breakthrough cases by fully vaccinated number the percentage is found to be 0.004%. This percentage is small and in this only 0.001% amounted to breakthrough case deaths. Also, around 74% of breakthrough cases happened among adults of age 65 and above.

CDC Data Shows That Nearly Hundred Percent Of Fully Vaccinated Americans Didn’t Report Covid-19

CDC has been focussing on investigating only fatal COVID cases among fully vaccinated individuals. The agency says the data is a snapshot to track the patterns and analyze signals among breakthrough cases. The pattern has been the same and there are no unexpected cases among people. A study from CDC also suggested that vaccinated and unvaccinated individuals have shown the same quantity of Delta variant virus. The vaccinated are less prone to getting infected by delta variant but if they get infected they are bound to spread the virus-like unvaccinated individuals. This study made the CDC revise the mask guidelines. Now the agency has been suggesting fully vaccinated folks too to wear masks, especially where high COVID transmission is noted.

What are breakthrough cases?

A breakthrough is when a fully vaccinated individual comes down with COVID-19 either symptomatic or asymptomatic. A very less percentage can come under this category but there are cases. Breakthrough cases will report fewer symptoms or be asymptomatic says Dr. Clarke Rock a professor at Johns Hopkins. As vaccination requires a minimum of two weeks to be effective in this period a fully vaccinated individual may get infected by the virus. Vaccinated may report symptoms like running nose which can be interpreted as the common cold. CDC says there are some rare cases wherein fully vaccinated may be hospitalized or even die if they have other underlying health conditions.

Which variant causes breakthrough?

Delta variant is the current cause of breakthroughs. This variant is the dominant strain in the US and other countries. This delta is more transmissible. Antibodies were measured from almost 104 individuals who were fully vaccinated. It was studies based on age factors, medical conditions. They compared data showed the level of neutralization was lowering among vaccinated. The latest studies do have drawbacks because it is based on a small number of adults.  Delta is also affecting areas with lower vaccination rates. Louisiana and Florida have low vaccination rates and they reported a surge in COVID cases. 

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Vaccination rate is faster 

The delta variant of the Virus is a unique mutation and is very contagious. In between the vaccination mistrust, it is now found that the rate of vaccination has found a steady increase. A sharp increase in vaccination was also noticed in states that had been lagging behind. There is a considerable difference in southern states especially Alabama saw double vaccination records compared to last month. Another state Arkansas has seen 36 percent increases in doses given. Missouri was the state with the largest number of COVID surges but now the daily dose of vaccination has increased to 87 percent and more. Around 57.5% of US citizens are first-round vaccinated and 50% are fully vaccinated.

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