CDC Outlines 12 Steps For Safety During The Holiday Season

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : December 29, 2021

The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention outlined several steps to ‘gift your loved ones the gift of health and safety this holiday season.

CDC Outlines 12 Steps For Safety During The Holiday Season

The recent reminder came at a time when Omicron numbers are surging across Europe and in the US. In the states themselves, the Delta variant isn’t over, but Omicron has become the most dominant strain in the country as per the latest estimations.

CDC Outlines 12 Steps For Safety During The Holiday Season

CDC recognized several factors that contributed to the risks associated with the holiday season:

●       Indoor and outdoor gatherings outside of local areas

●       Participation in more extended and larger gatherings

●       Traveling for long durations in closed spaces like buses or flights

●       Being unvaccinated

So, the premier health agency in the US expressed 12 ways to remain healthy and fit as 2022 approaches. Central to the advisory is washing your hands with soap and running water as the Omicron variant surges and flu season returns in the country.

Below are the recommendations of the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention:

●       Be prepared with light and warm layers of clothing, gloves, hats, scarves and waterproof boots when heading outdoors.

●       Avoid drinking and driving at all costs and refrain from doing so as well.

●       Always wear seat belts while riding a car and remember to buckle-up children every time regardless of the distance of your journey.

●       Eliminate stress from your life by seeking support and connecting with others and getting proper sleep regularly.

●       Avoid smoking and passive smoking. Smoking is injurious to health and exposes individuals to a greater health risk. Nonsmokers who are subject to passive smoking are also at risk.

●       Get vaccinated to prevent diseases for yourself and your loved ones. The agency advises everyone over six months of age to receive a flu vaccine every year.

●       Undertake regular health screening and exams and update the personal and family history regularly. These tests should be conducted at least once a year.

●       Ensure food safety by washing hands regularly and avoiding cross-contaminations. Remember to cook food at the right desired temperatures and keep leftovers in the refrigerators.

●       Keep out food, drink, dangerous toys and other household items that have the potential to injure or harm children out of their way. Also, keep an eye on them to prevent burns, falls, drowning and other potential mishaps.

●       Have an emergency fire plan and don’t leave fireplaces, stoves and heaters unattended. This can save you from a hazardous fire situation.

●       Stay healthy and active with regular consumption of healthy fruits and vegetables. Additionally, it is advisable for adults to have at least two and a half hours of physical activity in a week, while children and teens should be active for at least 1 hour per day.

CDC had earlier warned against social gatherings and poorly ventilated spaces while advising families to get vaccinated. CDC also outlines ways to avoid travel and socialize if one feels sick. The agency also insisted people wear masks in indoor public spaces.

Christmas holidays were a significant force in the spread of Covid-19 across the US last year, with the toll rising to 3,600 infections per day in January 2021. Although the curve flattened with the arrival of the vaccines, the graph once again spiked up following the Delta variant surge and, most recently, the Omicron surge.

These guidelines have come at a time when New York has been hit by a devastating wave of Omicron, with a four-fold increase of hospitalized children.

Currently, the 7-day average crossed 2 lakh in the US, with the total number of Coronavirus cases exceeding 5 crores.

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