CDC Reduces Isolation Time For Those Who Test Positive

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : December 29, 2021

The Center for Disease Control has reduced the isolation time for patients who have tested positive. Earlier the duration was ten days but it has been brought down to five. Apart from this latest development, the officials have also reduced the quarantine time for all those who came into close contact with an infected individual. 

CDC Reduces Isolation Time For Those Who Test Positive

Going by reports, such announcements have come forward as the recent surges in Omicron have led to massive shortages of hospital beds and also of staff at hospitals and airlines.

CDC Reduces Isolation Time For Those Who Test Positive

Recent researches have suggested that Omicron, although more contagious has been found to be milder. It has recently emerged in South Africa in November and since then spread to more than 90 countries. 

Recent researches and studies on the variant have also revealed that the infection is more on the first two days before symptoms arise and three days thereafter. Then the infection rate subsequently reduces. 

CDC Director has also stated that more surges are yet to occur as the new year’s revelry starts. It is also believed that most such cases will be less severe, and more like common flu. Moreover, the virus shows no signs in certain individuals. Everybody is looking at options to keep businesses going on as usual. 

Last week, the CDC revised their guidelines, stating that all healthcare workers who get infected and test positive have to stay away from work for ten days. The new recommendations state that healthcare workers can go back to work by seven days if they test negative after that.

Moreover, the agency has also suggested that isolation of the healthcare workers maybe even reduced further to five days if there are staffing shortages. 

If recent reports are to be believed, the CDC guide on isolation and quarantine has confused all the people. The new guidelines are coming up, while more and more people are testing positive lately. The isolation norms start from day one when the person gets positive. The CDC has recommended that the isolation time be five days. 

Quarantine assumes different meanings here. In some cases, quarantine means that the incumbent has come in contact with the virus themselves or with someone who is infected. The CDC had previously asked all those who were unvaccinated to quarantine for ten days after infection. The CDC had also recommended that all those who were vaccinated could skip the quarantine. 

Varying recommendations from various quarters have put all into a tizzy, amidst the surges. The CDC has now recommended that anyone who is vaccinated and also receives a booster, can omit the quarantine phase if they wear a mask for ten days. Those who have not been vaccinated with a booster can quarantine for five days as per CDC reports. 

Several data have percolated from South Africa and the UK, which shows that vaccine effectiveness is at least 35 percent less for those who have received two doses of the mRNA vaccine. A Covid-19 vaccine booster will likely ramp up the body’s antibodies. 

It can increase the effectiveness of the vaccine by 75 percent. The vaccine is said to decrease the occurrence of severe symptoms and even death. The CDC has asked all to get vaccinated as quickly as possible. The booster shots have been made available in plenty for 5-18 years as well now.

Vaccination is the ultimate way to protect one against the deadly Covid virus, believes the agency. Prevention modalities help to control severe symptoms, as said by the CDC Director. So, the same has been communicated to all states in the USA. And, wearing a mask is mandatory and so are social gatherings.

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