CDC Says No Evidence Of Homegrown Variant Fueling Covid Surge

The White House coronavirus task force had informed states that there may be a USA variant of coronavirus that has evolved in the country along with the UK variant that is already spreading across the community at a rapid pace.

However, the CDC has said that there was no evidence that a homegrown coronavirus is fuelling the recent surge in covid-19 cases across the US.

CDC Says No Evidence Of Homegrown Variant Fueling Covid Surge

The CDC informed that going by the scientific understanding of viruses, it is evident that there are many variants that evolve simultaneously across the world. In this regard, the chances that new variants have evolved in the United States cannot be ruled out.

However, there is no evidence as of now to suggest that the new variant is the reason behind the increase in the number of coronavirus cases in recent weeks.

The CDC said that it usually takes several weeks or months to identify if there is a single variant that is fuelling the recent surge across the country. Even in the UK, the new variant that was first detected in September led to a huge surge in the month of December.

The authorities were not able to identify that the surge was due to the new variant until the damage was done. As of December, the new variant that was found in the UK accounted for close to 70% of cases across that country.

The CDC said that it is not possible to identify the spread of the virus within a short duration of time as it requires a lot of research.

The agency informed several researchers across the country are monitoring the different strains of coronavirus in the US since the pandemic began. The agency has monitored more than 5700 samples in November and December.

Based on the research done in the last two months, CDC authorities have said that there is no evidence to suggest that a single strain in the US is the reason behind the recent increase in the number of covid-19 cases.

Considering the situation, it was not clear as to why the White House issued a statement to the states about a new variant of virus arising across the US.

The White House report had indicated that the recent acceleration in covid-19 across the USA suggests that there may be a homegrown variant along with the UK variant spreading in the communities.

According to the latest testing standards available in the US, the labs are only able to inform people if they are infected with covid-19. As of now, they do not have the facility to test the variant of covid-19.

To do that, the labs will have to do a detailed genome study in order to determine the variant. This is not possible with the regular testing process and the CDC has to make special arrangements to monitor the variants of coronavirus in any community.

For this reason, the CDC is collecting samples from different states that have recently reported the UK variant and testing them in an intensive manner.

As of now, the CDC has been able to detect more than 50 cases of infection that involved the UK variant of coronavirus in about eight states of the US.

The CDC said that the chances of the UK variant spreading across different states is very high and there may be more cases than what they are able to identify at the moment.

As the new variant is more transmissible than the original strain of coronavirus, authorities are worried that this can lead to a huge spike within a short duration of time.

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