CDC Study Brings On Evidence For The Effectiveness Of Both Pfizer And Moderna

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : June 9, 2021

A new CDC study finds that the coronavirus breakthrough infections in fully vaccinated people will show milder Covid-19 illness than the rest of others who didn’t. 

CDC Study Brings On Evidence For The Effectiveness Of Both Pfizer And Moderna

The CDC study enrolled 3900 and more people who come under the privileged category to receive their vaccine doses in the first place. What CDDC found from the study is people who got fully vaccinated against the coronavirus are more than 90% protected from the virus attack. Those who are partially vaccinated or received only their initial doses have 81% chances of not getting an infection. 

CDC Study Brings On Evidence For The Effectiveness Of Both Pfizer And Moderna

The CDC started on Monday that whatever they found through the study turns to be real-world evidence for the effectiveness of the vaccine. 

Those who underwent the study received either Pfizer or Moderna vaccine in full doses. 

Since December, the people who enrolled in the study underwent a weekly assessment, regardless of any symptoms or illness. Among those frontline workers and the first receivers, 5% have tested positive for Covid-19 so far. Out of the total of 204 who got infected, only 16 received their vaccine doses. 

The statement goes further pointing out that through the study, the institute got enough evidence for the effectiveness of mRNA Covid-19 vaccines as they shield off many of the infections. However, those who are still diagnosed with Covid-19 even after they received either the first short or fully vaccinated, are likely to have milder, poorer, or shorter symptoms and not so likely to spread the virus among others. And all these reasons count on the importance of getting vaccinated as soon as possible. 

The study marked that those who were tested positive after getting fully vaccinated had 40% less virus in their bodies. At the same time, they were less likely to have a fever, possibly 58% than those who didn’t receive any of the doses. When comparing the days they spent in bed, it was 2 days or less but for unvaccinated people, it will be far more. 

The CDC findings on Covid-19 infections among vaccinated people were reported last week. It appeared on a preprint of a health service website. The reports still haven’t been peer-reviewed or published in any medical journal yet. 

Meanwhile, the vaccination rates are hiking in the U.S among some populations, but not in teenagers. Experts warn that this would remain a threat for the country to return to normalcy. 

They also suggested that while adults get vaccinated, children will be targeted and the virus will be plagued among them as they are not getting any vaccine doses yet.

 Dr. Abdul El-Sayed, an epidemiologist, stated that the question of how do we protect our children remains unanswered, while we are protecting more and more of our seniors, and others who are already healthy by vaccinating them. 

Currently, in the U.S, the use of the vaccine among children between ages 12-17 got approval, but the adults have been receiving it since December. Whereas the virus’ spread among children reported to show up with less severe symptoms than adults too. However, there are still children who struggle with the virus attack, and some have already lost their lives too. 

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