CDC Removes Trump Administration’s Guidelines

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : March 17, 2021

The Federal health officials recently have identified various controversial recommendations during the pandemic, which was released during the former President Donald Trump administration. It said that they were not asked and weren’t allowed to interfere with Trump’s orders, but it remains the fact that the things said by Trump did not have any scientific evidence. This was based on a review was ordered by the new director.

CDC Removes Trump Administration’s Guidelines

Their review had identified 3 documents that had been removed already from the website of the agency. One of them was released in July, which delivered a strong argument in favor of school reopenings and had downplayed all the health risks. Another second set of unscientific guidelines was about the U.S. reopenings that the White House released in April. It was quite less detailed as compared to what has been currently drafted by the Federal Emergency Management Agency and Central for Disease Control or CDC. The third one was issued in August that discouraged most people’s testing without any covid-19 symptoms even though they did have contact with the infected people. This had been replaced in September 2020 after the experts outside and inside the agency had raised alarms.

CDC Removes Trump Administration's Guidelines

Rochelle Walensky, CDC Director, has ordered a review on behalf of her pledge for restoring the public trust, which has beleaguered the agency. This is due to the fact that its recommendations had been watered down or were completely ignored during the former President’s administration for aligning with Donald Trump’s efforts for downplaying the severeness of the Covid-19.

We are currently focusing on moving forward with the CDC with transparency, clarity, and science leading its way, as said by Walensky in a Monday statement. U.S. citizens need to trust CDC. If they are unable to do so, any preventable injury and illness might occur, and the result of it would be that lives will be lost. 

The critical health information and agency should not be left vulnerable for any undue influence. This report will aid in outlining the path for rebuilding confidence and has already ensured that the information that CDC shares with the U.S. people is correct since it is based on sound science, which will keep everyone safe and also help in keeping our communities safe and healthy.

This review was recently done to ensure that all the CDC’s Covid-19 guidelines are not just evidence-based but free of politics, as per a memo from the agency Anne Schuchat’s deputy director. They have recently conducted a review that was posted on the website of CDC on Monday. Officials have said that they are changing all related guidance to a pandemic for ensuring that transparency and science are paramount.

After the school reopening, guidance in July was quite controversial since it was released a few weeks after the former President Trump has criticized the CDC’s previous recommendations as expensive and very tough. The reopening guidelines stated the importance of the in-school classes, which was presented in the CDC document. But the agency should not be the part of such drafting or discussion, as Walensky had said. This guidance was recently removed in October.

Schuchat does not know who were authors that wrote these stupid guidelines, and any CDC staff did not make this. But this memo doesn’t mention any political interference which the Trump administration made. The word “politics” only appears once, and Schuchat and  Walensky had stated that they wouldn’t discuss it in the interview.

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