CDC’s New Research Recommends Double Masking To Control Virus Spread

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : February 11, 2021

A new study conducted by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention concludes that double masking is far better than a single mask against the spread of the coronavirus.

According to government researchers, the spread can be drastically reduced if every single person puts on a cloth mask over a surgical mask.

CDC’s New Research Recommends Double Masking To Control Virus Spread

The study report was given on Wednesday, based on a lab experiment conducted on two artificial heads placed 6 feet apart from each other.

The researchers tested how many nano-sized particles similar to the size of coronavirus spewed by the first inhaled by the latter, during their experiment. 

By the research, they could see that a single mask, whether it is surgical or made with cloth, could block approximately 40% of the particles during inhalation.

When a cloth mask was worn on top of the surgical mask, both of them together could block nearly 80% of the particles.

Dr. John Brooks from CDC said that when both the two artificial heads were double-masked, 95% and more particles were blocked. 

Even though the results of the study emphasized the importance of wearing two masks at a time, it is quite contrastive that the health authorities of the country are struggling to make a considerable number of America’s population wear at least one and to wear it correctly.

Brooks said that the first challenge of the country is to get as many Americans as possible masking. Even those who are masked have to be helped to get the best benefit out of it. 

He added that the officials of the agency came to know that there are people donning two masks and they wanted to evaluate whether it brings any difference, and it worked.

The output of the study was quite positive and it echoed some previous research conducted on the same. However, the experts involved in the study are yet to make sure whether it is applicable to all kinds of masks that are available in the market as well as homemade. They used a single brand of a surgical mask and only a type of cloth mask.  

The updated guidance of the CDC said that people can wear a cloth mask above the disposable surgical mask to have a better fit and extra protection.

It also said that if it is correctly followed, two masks together can tighten the gaps around the edges. Hence, it reduces the chances of virus particles to let in.

The CDC will also take down a make-your-own mask page. Last year, the page went up on times when there was a shortage of mask supply.

Through the page, the CDC intended to encourage people to take actions to prevent the spread of the virus. 

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