Celebrities Who Got Rid Of Drug Addiction

Special Correspondent | Last Updated : December 6, 2022

Drugs often stand in the way of the rich and famous. It is believed that nowadays, it is impossible to do sports or creativity without doping in the form of alcohol and drugs. Perhaps it does bring inspiration, but it does not refuse sacrifices. The biggest sacrifice is health, the second one is money. Drug rehabilitation costs a lot, especially if you want to find luxury rehabs and get your treatment there. Most Hollywood stars, gaining fame, at the same time get unlimited access to a wide variety of drugs and all kinds of alcohol. Some are able to stop in time, while others plunge headlong into a pernicious abyss that destroys their life and punishment.

Most celebrities choose those clinics since they guarantee the highest level of security and medical services. In this article, we compiled the stories of celebrities who have had a harmful addiction but overcame it in one of the luxury rehab centers.

Charlie Sheen

The life of Hollywood actor Charlie Sheen has been recently discussed in the press. The artist drew increased attention to himself by admitting that he is HIV-infected.

However, before that, Charlie regularly appeared on the pages of tabloids with high-profile scandals. And most of them were drinking under the influence of hard drugs or drinking a good amount of alcohol.

Since 1990, Charlie Sheen has become a regular at various luxury rehabilitation centers and drug addiction clinics. In the same 1990, Shin underwent a course of treatment for alcohol addiction in one of the luxury rehabs.

“I took so many drugs that anyone else would have died by now. I smoked crack by the spoonful because that’s who I am. I only have one speed. And it’s called: forward!”

In 2010, the actor came to the metropolis, allegedly to reconcile with his beloved Denise Richards. As a result, the star ended up in the hospital under the influence of prohibited drugs.

In 2010 and 2011, Charlie Sheen again underwent treatment at the clinic. Soon it became clear that the actor has HIV infection. Shin told this in an interview and added that he had already tied up with drugs but had not stopped drinking alcohol yet.

Mickey Rourke

Ex-sex symbol Mickey Rourke drove girls crazy, but now it’s hard to recognize the handsome actor. Alcohol, drugs, as well as a number of plastic surgeries had a noticeable effect on the star’s health, career, and appearance.

At the age of six, the parents of the actor divorced, the mother began to live with another man, with whom little Mickey did not develop a relationship. The stepfather abused the star’s mother, and the actor dreamed of taking revenge on his husband.

Mickey began to release the accumulated aggression in the boxing ring. At a fairly early age, the actor had to start making a living for himself: at first, he dug trenches for laying cables, and his working day began at five in the morning, so he quickly switched to selling drugs.

Criminal life led to the fact that Mickey almost died in one of the shootouts, and only then decided to tie up with an illegal lifestyle. However, sometimes Rourke used to drink, which affected his personal life. In 1990, the actor married Carey Otis.

However, their union was more like horror – they constantly fought and figured out their relationship, Carey tried to run away from home. A few years later, the couple divorced, which exacerbated Rourke’s problems with alcohol and a penchant for self-destruction.

Due to problems with alcohol and drugs, Mickey disappeared from the screens for several years, confused his friends and started treatment in one of the luxury rehabilitation centers. But the star was not forgotten – in 2003, the actor was invited to shoot by Robert Rodriguez in his film “Once Upon a Time in Mexico”.

Cortney Love

Unfortunately, Courtney Love, the widow of the legendary Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain, cannot boast of a healthy lifestyle either.

Since the 1990s, Love has become addicted to heroin. Courtney was rumored to take drugs while carrying Cobain’s daughter.

Because of this, the actress was deprived of her maternal rights. The daughter of Kourtney and Kurt was given to the care of the artist’s sister. In 2004, Love tried to shorten her age and was sent to a clinic for rehabilitation. In 2006, after several public appearances, while intoxicated, she was again sent to a rehabilitation center for 6 months.

“I started singing while working as a stripper. Six months later, I made my first million, which gave me the opportunity to not take off my clothes for a couple of bucks for the rest of my life. After that I met Kurt and we both sang and did a lot of drugs,” says Cortney.

However, in 2007, Love managed to get rid of drug addiction. This happened thanks to director Milos Forman, who persuaded the star to undergo long-term treatment in a luxury rehab center. However, Courtney was never able to give up alcohol. Even now, sometimes, the actress gets into the lens of the paparazzi while drunk.

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