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Certain Hospitals In COVID 19 Hotspots Are Extremely Busy

Children’s hospitals in certain parts of the country are extremely busy. They are seeing an unusual number of kids being hospitalized with COVID 19. They also have to manage a surge in other respiratory infections. It is not that children are seriously ill. It is just that the numbers are on the rise.

Doctors are there to treat diseases including COVID 19 infections. But what they are now witnessing is a public health emergency. When the system gets overloaded, it finds itself unable to do anything much.

Certain Hospitals In COVID 19 Hotspots Are Extremely Busy

The situation is definitely frustrating. Health professionals can offer supportive care for children. But neither vaccines nor treatments like monoclonal antibodies are authorized for those under 12. What is even more frustrating is people’s reluctance to receive their shots. Some say that they will not get vaccinated until their child is hospitalized with the disease. There are those who get vaccinated after seeing their child in the hospital. But this is the harshest way to understand things. Most of these hospitalizations, according to doctors, are avoidable.

Certain Hospitals In COVID 19 Hotspots Are Extremely Busy

The school season is about to start. Hospital authorities worry that if people don’t get vaccinated, they are going to be filled up. Some even have begun preparing for the worst scenario.

New Coronavirus infections have been on the decline among children till recently. From July, the trends began to reverse. Last week itself saw 94000 hospitalizations among children which is a substantial increase.

Most of the infections among children don’t require hospitalization. The cumulative number of hospitalization among children had been almost 1% from December. This implies that hospitalization is a rare occurrence among children when compared to the same among adults. There were almost 189,000 COVID 19-related hospitalizations from the time when the pandemic began. But from July, the country is seeing a rise in the numbers every week. The number of deaths is on the rise correspondingly. For instance, till Monday, more than 542 children died due to COVID 19-related complications. Still, deaths among kids are seen as rare instances. In seven States, there has not even a single Coronavirus-related death among children. This is definitely rare when compared to the 614,000 deaths overall.

According to doctors, the country is falling into a flawed perspective. Only 400 among the 600,000 deaths come from among children. Children are there to live long. Thus the 400 itself is a huge number. They also warn that everything is moving a bit faster than the country expected.

Safety Net Hospital Alliance of Florida is a network that involves several children’s hospitals. According to its CEO, there is a 1-2% increase in hospitalization among children. And that remains unchanged for a while. One hospital in Miami has 24 coronavirus-infected children in hospital. Seven among them are in the ICU. In another area, the number of ICU admissions is 15.

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Health officials view this as a dark cloud. They, however, also notice one good thing. Coronavirus is not causing even 25% of the damage it is causing among adults.

Another hospital in Miami reports that its ICU is filled with children. Pediatricians, nurses, and other staff are tired of the long shifts.

Experts still are unclear as to whether the Delta variant is driving the current surge of hospitalizations among children. They are confused:

The virus is spreading at a faster pace among children. Or it may be making them sicker than earlier. The country’s healthcare system is not doing enough tests to determine this.

Doctors repeatedly warn parents; their children are not safe. This is what the nation is seeing at the moment.

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