Assess Children’s Mental Health As School Times Begin Again

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : August 5, 2021

The covid 19 made the whole world shift their paradigm and many of the kids were forced to enter remote learning experience which at times seemed a lot hard but now kids have got used to this method. Remote learning started in spring 2020 which is the new normal now. The US stated that in August all schools and colleges will be opening at full capacity. When asked to students about this they stated that they feel they are yet half in half as not being able to completely accept that in-person learning has begun and the transition seems tough.

An executive from American School Counsellor Association said that the transition will be very difficult for kids who are going from kindergarten to school as they won’t know the basic etiquettes that are expected in class mainly like raising a hand when you have a query or if you need to use the washroom.

Assess Children’s Mental Health As School Times Begin Again

A school psychologist Eric Rossen said that this is equally hard for kids who spent their seventh grade in remote learning and now will enter high school directly by missing their eighth grade and the transition for them will be difficult as well. Rossen further stated that teachers and parents will have to take extra care in helping their children to make this transition as this might be really hard for them at the initial stages.

Assess Children's Mental Health As School Times Begin Again

Many kids would have difficulty entering a new school building in high school without being seen in it and having to wear those school uniforms and having to sit in class in a specified manner as compared to their comfort at home.

Fitzgerald said that many families also affected some person losses be in monetary or some other form and everybody went through some trauma. This will also have an impact on the kids who are to get into the real world for in-person learning. Many students might find it difficult in the initial days and the teachers or professors should take it easy and not burden with additional work as long as the students are comfortable with the new normal learning.

The above-mentioned stress and trauma will lead to wrong and unhealthy mental behaviour in kids. Parents and teachers need to be more flexible and go at a good pace in teaching terms as long as the children`s feel confident and comfortable in going to a school.

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Fitzgerald also said that schools should not make the standard of education lower but they should make harsh discipline standards which might be hard for kids to keep up with.

It has been said by Rossen and Fitzgerald that there should be more interaction between teachers and parents so as to discuss the challenges and other issues that their kids face while coming to school and how to tackle them. There should be good coordination between staff and families and administration as many kids might experience different things while coming back to school. The most important thing is to make the environment safe and easy for kids to know that they can share their problems and there will be people who can help him or her with their problems and not judge them for this.

When asked to children`s about heading back to school, Cheyenne said that she has mixed feelings about getting back but would be happier to see her friends in person than watching them on the virtual screen for more than a year now.

The biggest challenge will be for school counsellors to help kids in their day to day life.

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