Chill AC Reviews – A Thorough Analysis On Arctic Air Pure Chill AC!

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : July 6, 2021

If you are someone who has come across Chill Air Conditioner and is wondering about its credibility, I would like you to check out this Arctic Air Pure Chill AC Review! Summer calls for fun times but it has to be noted that more than hundreds of Americans are killed every year due to the extreme heat.

Chill AC Reviews – A Reliable Lightweight Portable Cooling System?

Contrary to regular air conditioners, Arctic Air Pure Chill AC promises comfortable cooling while saving electricity and protecting the user from allergies. But can this simple unit be a suitable air conditioner for you this summer? Keep reading Arctic Air Pure Chill AC Reviews to decide whether it is worth your money or not!

Chill AC Reviews
Product NameArctic Air Pure Chill AC
BenefitsHelps to relieve from humidity without high electricity bills
Special FeaturesCooler Fan with 3 speed (low, medium, high)
7-colored night light
Charging throughUSB Outlet
WorkingVia USB – full tank(3-5 hours)
Via 18650 battery- not included (2-3 hours)
Price $89.00
Money-back guarantee30 days
Official WebsiteClick here

What is it?

Arctic Air Pure Chill AC is a compact and portable cooling system that comes with unique features to attain relief from humidity without high electricity bills. It is generally lightweight and discreet for better mobility and works on a high-capacity mAH battery.

This means that you can charge Arctic Air Pure Chill AC from any USB port with the help of its charging cable. As given on its official website, the Arctic Air Pure Chill AC unit is designed by a thermodynamic engineer.

It does not take up much space and cools the room without the release of allergic particles or gases. It allows the user to adjust the cooling as per convenience whilst maintaining skin moisture. 

How does it work?

Arctic Air Pure Chill Air Conditioner is easy to handle as you only need sufficient water and ice cubes to help the unit produce cool air. All you have to do is simply fill its reservoir with enough water and set the machine to any of the 3 cooling settings. The warm air and moisture are sucked by the Arctic Air Pure Chill AC and funnels through the hose and out the window for a cool breeze. 

When we look at the traditional air conditioning systems, most of them emit dust and toxins that can severely impact the health of the user. The air filter of Arctic Air Pure Chill AC absorbs all the harmful pollutants in the surroundings and with the help of the motor, generates fresh pure air that spreads throughout the room. It is also pretty easy to clean and ensures the inhibition of airborne allergies

The unit also involves control fins that let you adjust the direction of airflow. Throughout cooling, there are no unwanted noises produced. Hence, the users can work, relax or sleep comfortably. 

Chill AC working

Benefits of Arctic Air Pure Chill AC

Arctic Air Pure Chill AC provides a variety of benefits to its users, some of which are; 

  • Allows custom cooling: There are 3 settings for Arctic Air Pure Chill AC which you can adjust to the needed cooling according to the surrounding temperature. This helps you to enjoy the right amount of cooling without it being too dry. 
  • Cordless and rechargeable: The air conditioner is cordless so you can carry it around anywhere. Its 2000 mAh battery ensures efficient recharge by connecting to the USB port of any device which helps to save electricity. 
  • Safe for user and environment: Arctic Air Pure Chill AC comes with a washable filter that helps to provide pure and fresh air that protects your lungs and skin. It also does not create any irritating sounds and helps to relax peacefully.  
  • Colorful LED lights: There are 7 LED light options to this air conditioner that allows you to adjust the device lighting as per the required ambiance. The changeable light options also help to set the mood, especially for dark rooms.   
Chill AC benefits

Why use Arctic Air Pure Chill AC?

To begin with, Arctic Air Pure Chill AC comes at a reasonable price. Hot summer days are difficult to get through without the necessary cooling devices, especially at night. Arctic Air Pure Chill Air Conditioner involves all the important features necessary for battling humidity without causing a spike in power bills. Thereby, you can make better savings for the family without having to worry about electricity expenditure. 

And unlike most air conditioners that require technical assistance or special skills, Chill AC can be set up by yourself. Its high-capacity battery and charging cable allow quick recharge so you can use it from both indoors and outdoors. 

Also, Arctic Air Pure Chill AC simply works on the natural process of heat absorption and ensures to produce the right amount of cooling as per the surroundings. Meaning that users are less likely to experience headaches, dry skin, and allergies, which are usually a negative impact of the usual air conditioners. 

And as there is a refund service assured, you can get back your money even if the Arctic Air Pure Chill Air Conditioner wasn’t useful to you. So customers can simply try out the product at zero risks. 

Chill AC components

Pros and cons of Chill AC

In addition to the positive aspects of Arctic Air Pure Chill AC, there are some negative aspects as well. Here are the pros and cons that can give you a better understanding; 


  • Compact, lightweight, and portable. 
  • Power and space-saving. 
  • Easy to clean and use. 
  • Does not require specialized knowledge. 
  • 50% discount offers and bulk packages. 
  • 30-day money-back guarantee.


  • Can be bought only from its official website. 
  • Not suitable for larger areas.

Is Arctic Air Pure Chill AC legit?

Reading a few Arctic Air Pure Chill AC Reviews will clear your thoughts and give you an idea about Chill AC. Considering the customer response to this product shown on its official website, many are happy and satisfied with the results of this air conditioner so far.

The site also mentions that the mini portable Arctic Air Pure Chill AC has been published in several major media outlets. Its quality engineering and unique features ensure that the device produces cool air without posing any threat to the user’s health or the environment.

Arctic Air Pure Chill AC customer reviews and complaints

While reading Arctic Air Pure Chill AC Reviews, we can see several customer reports on the website of Chill AC, and most are positive notes. Users of Chill Air Conditioner, as well as Arctic Air Pure Chill AC reviews, state that this cooling unit is easy to use and is efficient in saving electricity. As of now, no complaints have been reported against this product. 

Chill AC customer Reviews

Pricing & availability

You must visit the official website to purchase the original product. Arctic Air Pure Chill AC is under popular demand due to which many websites are selling fake versions of this product.

Therefore, ensure that you are buying directly from the product website. Here are the pricing details of Chill AC. A 50% discount is applied to your order when vising the checkout page.  

  • 1 Portable AC Unit at $89. 
  • 2 Portable AC Units at $85 per unit. 
  • 3 Portable AC Units at $69 per unit + free shipping. 
  • 4 Portable AC Units at $63 per unit + free shipping. 
  • 5 Portable AC Units at $55 per unit + free shipping. 

The 3 in 1 package of Arctic Air Pure Chill AC is the most recommended purchase as per its official website. It also serves to be efficient for small families. The bulk supplies of Chill AC are mostly beneficial for larger families. 

You may choose according to your convenience and if you are not happy with the product, the company assures a 30-day money-back guarantee that gives you a full refund. 

Is this Arctic Air Pure Chill AC Worth a shot? 

Chill AC serves to be an optimal cooling solution to combat humidity. It ensures to provide consistent cooling to your surroundings irrespective of place and time.

The battery system of Arctic Air Pure Chill AC helps to recharge the device without having to deal with high power bills. Currently, the product has a growing customer base with most of its users happy with the results.

The company’s 30-day refund service covers all costs of the product so that you can enjoy a quality customer experience. If you are convinced reading Arctic Air Pure Chill AC Reviews, then you should better give it a try.

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