CitruSlim Reviews – Is It An Effective Way to Lose Weight Naturally?

Dr. Ricardo Alvarez | Last Updated : October 29, 2021

Hello everyone, in today’s world we are all wanting a very healthy lifestyle and to lose weight naturally, effectively and effortlessly. This wish is not a wish anymore,  it was made into reality by Citruslim. It is one of the healthiest ways to lose weight and gain confidence very naturally as per the CitruSlim reviews.

CitruSlim Reviews – Can It Reduce Hunger Hormone and Control Cravings Without Any Side Effects?

This product is exclusively made in the USA. Not only does Citruslim provide the people with a very effective program but also, there is a free nutritional plan by Andrew Terman, inserted in this whole scheme, which makes this product very unique, as this sort of plan is never offered by other products. Citruslim weight loss supplement is a very good blend of nature and Science.  How so?  Let’s find out from this CitruSlim review.

CitruSlim Reviews
Product NameCitruSlim
CategoryWeight Loss
Main BenefitsHelps to reduce weight effortlessly by decreasing cortisol And The Hunger hormone
IngredientsBergamonte and Adapticort
Manufacturing companyNHR Science Company – USA
Product FormCapsule
Dosage Instruction Three times a day 30 minutes before each meal
Age LimitAbove 18
Best ResultsWithin 2-3 months
Side EffectsNo major side effects reported
Price $51.95
Money-Back Guarantee60 Days
Official WebsiteClick Here

What Is CitruSlim?

 After reading this, introductory paragraph, we all had that typical question in our mind, ‘WHAT IS CITRUSLIM?’Before I define and describe what is it,  by looking at its name we can make a Framework that it must be something about slimming or losing weight and it is true. Citruslim, Is a supplement that helps an individual to lose weight effortlessly by decreasing cortisol And The Hunger hormone. It controls people’s binge eating and binge cravings as well as preserving high energy levels. It is just not a supplement but a way to a good and healthy life.

Manufacturer Of CitruSlim Supplement?

Citruslim supplement is manufactured by none other than  NHR Science.  NHR  Science believes in using natural products and organic elements to produce its supplements.  The ingredients used in the supplements are handpicked and minutely chosen by NHR  Science. The ingredients include exotic herbs, indigenous and organic products which help to elevate people’s lifestyle naturally and in an organic way.

CitruSlim Ingredients

The ingredients of Citruslim dietary supplements are exotic and very much organic. Citruslim is a 100%  plant-based product and has no harmful chemicals used in manufacturing this. The ingredients which are not at all used in this product are- caffeine, any kind of stimulants, or any jitters.

On a very serious note, ingredients which are used in Citruslim weight loss formula, are not only exotic and organic but have a very high medicinal value.  Other than that, the ingredients used in creating this product are of high quality. The ingredients are as follows:-


This plant belongs to the citrus family of Italian origin. This plant is one of the rarest citrus plants which are grown in the narrow coastal region of  Southern Italy. This plant is one of the rarest and cannot be grown in any place according to anybody’s wish because of its fragility to climate and soil condition.

The regional people consume bergamot  For keeping the heart healthy and balancing the cholesterol. This plant is not a very modern Discovery, rather it was an ancient practice that was long forgotten and when we discovered it after decades.

After rounds and rounds of clinical trials and analyses,  it is clinically successful in –  balancing blood glucose levels, limiting the hunger hormone such as leptin and ghrelin,  it also balances cholesterol, and it is a very good weight management remedy.


Adapticort is also known as Eurycoma longifolia, which is traditionally found in the Malaysian rainforest.  this plant is extensively used by the Orang Asli. This plant was recognized as a herb and used as a health tonic that prevents aging.

After trains of clinical trials and studies,  this plant proves that it has a range of benefits which is very good for human health, such as, proves that it balances the healthy cortisol level, also enhance positive mood,  develops the essence of life as well as mental health, helps in reducing body fat and helps in weight management.

Both ingredients are very much effective individually and when combined it shows amazing results in slimming and trimming our body and help us to reduce weight naturally and effortlessly. Citruslim, Helps people to enhance confidence in their body, and it also helps people to reduce weight and to control statistics of obesity in today’s world.

 CitruSlim Ingredients

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How Does CitruSlim Weight Loss Formula Work?

We have come across, ‘what is Citruslim?’, We also came across about what are the ingredients used in it,  but now the question which is knocking at the door is,  how does this supplement work? After a series of studies and researches based on the CitruSlim reviews and customers experience, the following are the ways this supplement works-

  • Decreasing Cortisol Leads To Reduction Of Binge-Eating-

The reduction of cortisol lessens the desire for binge eating. According to studies, human psychology tends to overeat or binge eat out of stress.  Stress stimulates the desire for binge eating and this leads to obesity. Citruslim pill helps in controlling and eventually reducing cortisol to lessen the hunger of binge-eating

  • Activation Of Ampk Metabolic Enzyme Helps To Fight Belly Fat-

AMPK  metabolic enzymes are very important types of enzymes present among mammals. This enzyme helps to get rid of unwanted belly fat. Citruslim has the goodness of AMPK metabolic enzyme which helps to reduce belly fat effortlessly.

  • Reduction Of Ghrelin-

  Ghrelin hormones or popularly known as hunger hormones, I present in our stomach, the main function of this hormone is to remind us of the need for our appetite. Psychologically speaking, stress helps to secrete this hormone more than its normal amount,  and which ultimately results in binge eating. Citruslim contains ingredients that control this hormone and help us to live a healthy life,  and lose our health in a natural and organic process, effortlessly.

CitruSlim Benefits

Citruslim is one of the most effective supplements.  After a series of studies and research according to the CitruSlim reviews and personal opinions of the customers, researchers are drawing the bottom line that this Is one of the best dietary supplements one can have in their diet plan.  this verdict was extracted only after studying its benefits of,  without further ado, let’s explore what benefits this Citruslim has to offer us:-

✅The first and the foremost benefit of consuming Citruslim capsule is, it is  100% organic, that is it is fully plant-based, therefore it is also implied, it is a vegan product.
✅The second benefit is it elevates an individual’s mood and helps him or her to get rid of stress.
✅Now,  it might seem the continuation of the second benefit,  stress indulges every individual into overeating or binge eating, Citruslim, give the remedy of that too,  it reduces ghrelin hormone, it is also known as the hunger hormone and Cortisol.
✅The ingredients which have been used in this supplement are very good for the heart.
✅Cholesterol can be also kept under control through Citruslim.
✅Citruslim capsules help in controlling the glucose in the blood and help in supporting healthy blood glucose levels.

CitruSlim side effects

Let’s make one thing clear about  Citruslim, is that, it’s not a medicine but a supplement to our diet. This supplement enhances the possibility of losing weight effortlessly but as it is not a medicine it has no side effects. Although there are some exceptional cases, such as, women who are expecting (pregnant women), Nursing women, and people with medical conditions are expected not to depend on this supplement. The number of people who are forbidden to use the supplements is the people who need at most care and a little mistake might cause a huge tragedy, therefore, you should follow this guidance. Other than that, the Citruslim pill, is not only safe to use but also quite helpful and very much demanding in today’s world based on the Citrslim reviews.

CitruSlim natural supplement helps to lose weight without any side effects

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CitruSlim Weight Loss Formula dosage and how to use it?

The dosage of this supplement can be a little complex to understand, thus, there is a full directory, which can help you to understand how much and how frequently you must have this supplement. The following directions are the best-suited directions according to the weight of an individual-

👉The first category is, Normal Weight- If an individual is categorized in this section,  he or she must take a 200mg capsule, 3times a day just 30 minutes before every heavy meal.

👉The second category is, Over Weight– If an individual is characterized in this section, he or she must take 1 to 2 capsules, three times a day 30 minutes before each meal.

👉The last category is, Obese To Extreme Obesity– if an individual is categorized in this section, He or she must intake 2 to  3 capsules daily 3 times, 30 minutes before each meal.

CitruSlim Weight Loss Formula dosage

CitruSlim Results and their Longevity

It is said that good things don’t stay forever, but this statement was partially defied by none other than Citruslim. After the intake of Citruslim, the result will be visible from 2 to 3 months and it is also promised by the product that the results sustain from 1 to 2 years if an individual follows his or her regular diet and lifestyle.

Is CitruSlim Capsule Legit or not?

This question is a rhetorical one.  to be very honest, of course, this supplement is very much a legitimate product.  The first reason is that NHR Science is one of the most trusted companies in the world, and it does not produce products that are harmful to humankind.  Secondly,  this product is 100% plant-based, thus,  it again proves that it’s Vegan and cruelty-free.  And finally, after many kinds of research by scientists and CitruSlim reviews by trusted customers,  there is no space for suspicion about Citruslim’s legitimacy.

CitruSlim Customer reviews and complaints

After experiencing this product, there are some reviews from some satisfied customers:-

❤️It is clinically proven that Citruslim, is a Stress reliever.  It helps every individual to be in a good mood,   that’s how it cures binge eating.

❤️It helps to lose weight naturally and visibly.

❤️ the nutritional plan which is included is quite an of help. It succors people with other benefits.

❤️The manufacturer also made clear recommendations on the dosage of the consumption.

❤️ it is 100% plant-based, which means it is Vegan friendly.

CitruSlim Customer reviews

But, every coin has two sides, it also has one drawback, that is-

👉It is only available on the official website,  and won’t be available on other E-Commerce sites or retail stores, which makes it difficult to consume.

CitruSlim Pill Price and Availability

Each bottle of Citruslim is priced at $51.95, the customers can claim two bottles at $103.90. It is recommended to buy two bottles. The best part is that there are no hidden shipping charges as it is completely free! The cherry on the cake? In case the customers change their mind they can cancel the order at any time, no questions asked.

Click Here To Order CitruSlim Supplement From The Official Website

Final Verdict on CitruSlim Reviews

CitruslimIs is not just the product but a Lifestyle upgrader based on my CitruSlim review. It not only helps us to lose weight and to lead a healthy lifestyle. Losing weight,  gaining confidence,  and staying in shape are the extra benefits we all want,  but in the world of obesity,  staying healthy with the optimum weight is the prime need. Citruslim Helps us to stay healthy naturally. With the right amount of food intake as well as supplements, One can protect themselves from obesity.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is Citruslim a plant-based product?

Ans– Of course it is.  It is a 100% plant-based product with obscure natural ingredients used.

  • Is Citruslim safe to use?

Ans- Yes it is a very much safe product and can be used without any fear. But it is advised to get your dosage as per your body weight.

  • Does Citruslim contain caffeine?

Ans- No it does not contain any caffeine or any sort of stimulant.  This product is caffeine-free, jitters free and stimulant-free.

  • How much weight Will I lose?

 Ans- The weight loss will depend on your target.  how much weight you desire to get rid of will decide the amount of weight you are going to lose. Just like every finger of the hand is different, every person is different, therefore according to the body and weight, the pace of weight loss will depend.

  •  How many years will this result sustain?

 Ans – The results sustain from 1 to 2 years if an individual follows his or her regular diet and lifestyle.


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