Cleanuum Reviews- Cordless & Portable Car Vacuum Cleaner!

John Furrier | Last Updated : May 7, 2022

Hey folks! Are you frustrated about not being able to clean every corner of your car or home because your vacuum cleaner isn’t made for cleaning small tight spots, then check out this Cleanuum review to know about an innovative vacuum cleaner that is newly launched in the market? 

No one likes their home and car messy but sometimes it doesn’t matter how many times we use our vacuum cleaner, it is impossible to clean specks of dirt from the small corners of your home or car by using your normal vacuum cleaner.

Cleanuum Reviews – A Lightweight Cleaner To Clean The Dirt From Cars!

Cleanuum vacuum cleaner is a new device in the market that is claimed to be the ultimate solution for not being able to clean your car and home properly. In simple words, Cleanuum is a handheld vacuum cleaner but is not like your usual vacuum cleaner. 

Being a tech consultant, I spend my free time reviewing new devices launched in the market and I came to know about Cleanuum only recently. At first, I also thought that Cleanuum is a normal car vacuum cleaner that is just small in size.

Then the more I analyzed the vacuum cleaner, the more I came to know about innovative features. This Cleanuum review is aimed at providing you with everything you need to know about the device. 

Cleanuum Reviews
Product nameCleanuum
Product SpecificationMini handheld vacuum cleaner
Main benefit
  • Portable and easy cleaning
  • High suction for dry and wet cleaning
  • Cordless
  • Features
  • Stainless steel
  • HEPA filter
  • USB charging
  • Pocket shaped
  • Comes with 4 accessories
  • Battery Capacity2200mAh battery
    Charger TypeA USB-C cable for charging the vacuum 
    Price$ 69.95
    Money back14 days from purchase
    AvailabilityOfficial website
    Official websiteClick Here

    What is Cleanuum?

    Cleanuum is a newly launched innovative mini vacuum cleaner that is designed for cleaning every dirt in your home, car, and any place you want to clean. Although the device is a vacuum cleaner, it is nothing like the usual vacuum cleaners.

    Cleanuum is a handheld vacuum cleaner and is small in size which makes the device easier to clean out dirt from corners and tight spots. It is a portable vacuum cleaner that a person can take anywhere easily. 

    This mini vacuum cleaner has many unique features such as its stainless steel HEPA filter which makes the device different from other vacuum cleaners. Cleanuum is lightweight and is also USB rechargeable. 

    Cleanuum Vacuum Cleaner

    What are the main features of the Cleanuum vacuum cleaner?

    Cleanuum is an advanced mini portable vacuum cleaner that a person would need to clean every corner of their house and car. Many features of the Cleanuum vacuum cleaner make the device different from other vacuum cleaners. Some of them as per the Cleanuum Vacuum Cleaner reviews are listed below:

    • Stainless steel HEPA filter: The manufacturer of Cleanuum has used stainless steel HEPA filter for the device to draw out dirt. HEPA filter stands for the high-efficiency particulate air filter. This type of filter is the most efficient filter available and can draw out about 99.97% of the dirt. The HEPA filter used in Cleanuum is stainless steel too. 
    • USB charging: One of the most unique and helpful features of the Cleanuum vacuum is that the device is USB rechargeable. You can charge the device by using a USB and can use it after the device is fully charged. This way you can easily carry around the device and use it to clean any place without the need of plugging it while cleaning.
    • Pocket shaped: Cleanuum vacuum cleaner has a pocket-shaped design and is different from the designs of normal vacuum cleaners. The pocket-shape design of the device makes it easier to draw out dirt from tight spots.
    • Comes with 4 accessories: Cleanuum vacuum cleaner comes with 4 accessories. One is the USB cable needed for charging the device. The other three are the tip of the vacuum cleaner which a user can change according to their needs. 
    Cleanuum Features

    How does Cleanuum Vacuum Cleaner work?

    The vacuum cleaner, Cleanuum portable vacuum cleaner is made for making your task of cleaning more easier and convenient. The user will have to charge the device by using the USB cable provided by the manufacturer before using it. Once the device is fully charged, turn on the device by pressing the power button on the device.

    After turning it on, you can use the device to clean every dirt in your home, car, rugs, mat, and any place that you want to clean. After cleaning, you can open the device and can remove the waste from the device. 

    Cleanuum Working

    Cleanuum Benefits

    There are many benefits of using Cleanuum vacuum cleaner and a few of the benefits have been listed below as per Cleanuum reviews:

    • The Cleanuum vacuum cleaner is portable.
    • The device can clean everything easily.
    • Cleanuum device has a high suction ability.
    • The device is suitable for cleaning cars.
    • The Cleanuum vacuum cleaner is cordless.
    Cleanuum Benefits

    Pros and Cons of Cleanuum Vacuum Cleaner

    Weighing the pros and cons of Cleanuum vacuum cleaner, the pros are greater than the cons. Nevertheless, you must be aware of both sides before buying the device.


    • The Cleanuum portable vacuum cleaner is lightweight.
    • The manufacturer of Cleanuum vacuum cleaner is offering the device at a 50% off discount price.
    • The device is rechargeable.
    • The device saves space.


    • Cleanuum car vacuum cleaner will not suck out liquids.
    • The device comes in only two colors; black and white. 

    Is Cleanuum Vacuum Cleaner legit or not?

    Cleanuum is a portable vacuum cleaner that is made by using modern technology to make cleaning easier for you. The device has many unique and innovative features that make it stand out from other vacuum cleaning devices.

    The Cleanuum car vacuum cleaner has stainless steel HEPA filters incorporated in the design to draw out dirt from every corner and also has a very high suction capacity. The device is USB rechargeable. 

    Cleanuum reviews on the internet are overall positive, so it seems like the Cleanuum mini vacuum cleaner is a legit device. Furthermore, the Cleanuum manufacturer offers a 14-day money-back guarantee for the device, so you don’t have to worry about burning a hole in your pocket. 

    Cleanuum Customer reviews and complaints

    Below are a few of the Cleanuum customer reviews as follows:

    Noah Jacob

    Cleanuum car vacuum cleaner is the device a person who loves their car need. It was a friend of mine who told me about the Cleanuum device and she told me that the device is what I need for cleaning my car. I purchased it with a lot of skepticism but now I know why my friend told me that buying a Cleanuum vacuum cleaner was the best purchase she ever made. I totally agree with her because Cleanuum can clean up every part of your car and can make your car looks like a brand new one. 

    Natalie Joshua

    If you are someone who has a toddler then the Cleanuum portable vacuum cleaner is the one device that you should buy. My son always eats his food in the car and we all know how messy a toddler would eat their food. Every time he eats food in the car, it’s like he had a war with the food. Only half of the food goes to his stomach and the other half falls into the car. By using Cleanuum, I can clean every corner of the car. Since the device is easy to carry, I always take the device along with me and clean the car every time my son drops food in the car. 

    Bianca Simon

    I bought the Cleanuum mini vacuum cleaner after my daughter told me about it. I don’t know why the device is liked by many people. I thought the device can draw out liquid while cleaning but turns out that it can only suck specks of dirt. I don’t see much of a difference between this device and the usual vacuum cleaner apart from the fact that the Cleanuum portable vacuum cleaner is easy to use when compared to a normal vacuum cleaner. 

    Pricing and availability of Cleanuum Cleaner

    The pricing of Cleanuum handheld vacuum cleaner is as follows:

    • 1 Cleanuum: The cost of 1 Cleanuum is $69.95.
    • 2 Cleanuum: The cost of 2 Cleanuum is $54.98 per unit.
    • 3 Cleanuum: The cost of 3 Cleanuum is $46.65 per unit.
    • 4 Cleanuum: The cost of 4 Cleanuum is $42.49 per unit. 

    Cleanuum handheld vacuum cleaner is a device whose demand has been getting higher day by day and because of this, many sellers are trying out to sell duplicate devices by the name of Cleanuum on e-commerce stores like Amazon and eBay and also in retail stores.

    The authentic Cleanuum mini vacuum cleaner is available only on the official website of the device, so make sure that you order it from the official website only. You can also get a one-year warranty for the device by paying $9.95 and a two-year warranty by paying $5.95. 

    Final Verdict on Cleanuum Reviews

    From my analysis of the Cleanuum reviews, this vacuum cleaner seems worth giving a try. Because the device seems a legit one that can help you clean every corner of your home, car, and any place.

    Cleanuum vacuum cleaner has many unique features such as the stainless steel HEPA filter, high suction ability, pocket-shaped design, and so many more that makes the device a handful and innovative vacuum cleaner. Also, Cleanuum is easy to use, portable, and lightweight.

    Hundreds of customers who have used Cleanuum car vacuum cleaners have majorly given positive Cleanuum Vacuum Cleaner reviews of the device. The device is budget-friendly and is also backed by a 14-day money-back guarantee. 

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. Is Cleanuum vacuum cleaner available on Amazon?

    The Cleanuum vacuum cleaner can only be brought from the official website of the device.

    2. Is Cleanuum vacuum cleaner portable?

    The Cleanuum vacuum cleaner is portable as the device is small in size and lightweight.

    3. Is there any shipping charge?

    The manufacturer of Cleanuum vacuum cleaner offers free shipping on every order of the device.

    4. How long will it take to deliver my orders?

    Usually, it would take 7-10 working days to deliver an order of Cleanuum vacuum cleaner.

    5. Is the vacuum cleaner available only in black color?

    The Cleanuum vacuum cleaner is available in black and white color.


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