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College Students Under Severe Stress Due To Covid 19 Pandemic

College students are under severe stress due to the covid 19 situation, multiple hurricanes affecting normal classes, lack of socialization, health concerns and job problems. It has never been this difficult as many events are impacting their career and lifestyle this year.

College Students Under Severe Stress Due To Covid 19 pandemic

Most students are yet to adjust completely to the online classes as they still do not match up to the regular classes. Apart from that, they miss the social activities at college a lot and find it difficult to stay motivated in these times. They are stuck to their computer screens all day, and this has resulted in many problems associated with their overall career development.

Some students complain that their grades have reduced even though they have been working harder than before. The workload has become too much as they do not have enough guidance like the way they get in regular in-person classes. As they have to learn by themselves in most cases by using online resources, it takes longer to understand any topic, and they eventually get stressed during the process.

Other than that, the pandemic has personally affected the students and their family members in many cases. This has also impacted their studies as they had to care for themselves or their family members when they got infected, and this took a toll on their academics. The level of anxiety they feel is very high in these times, and this has also affected their mental health in many ways.

Not every student has the luxury of having enough financial resources to fund their education and maintain a decent lifestyle. To support themselves during this crisis situation, most of them have taken to working at nearby stores. This has also increased the stress levels as they are either studying or working all the time, and they are not able to socialize much with friends as they do on the campus.

According to a survey done by the CDC, these things have disproportionately affected the students in many ways and are taking a toll on their mental health. Most students have experienced disproportionate levels of mental health outcomes due to the pandemic. Some students who are not able to cope with the stress have taken to substance abuse during this pandemic. Health experts also warn that the suicidal thoughts are elevated in such situations, and they have to be careful about managing stress and anxiety during these times.

The worst part about this situation for students is the loneliness that comes with being out of campus and staying away from family. As they have never seen anything like this before, most students are not mentally prepared to handle this crisis.

Psychologists feel that this is an important period for students as such transition phases often lead to fear. Many of them are leaving home for the first time, and they had to get used to the new structure of education. With classes being pushed online, they have limited social support and have to deal with all the issues themselves. Even though they can contact friends and family members online, this is not the same as a regular outing with friends during the weekends.

To ease the stress a little bit, some Universities in Louisiana have tried to offer grade options that will not get factored into the GPA of the students. Other than that, the drop date for the fall classes is also extended. Not only that, realizing that the students are facing a lot of mental stressors these days, the Universities are offering virtual mental health services for the needy students.

Health experts believe that it is important to stay mentally strong, especially in times of crisis that has brought a lot of uncertainty into everyone’s lives. The level of anxiety is high during the pandemic, as no one is sure about what is going to happen in the near future.

Apart from the pandemic, the recent hurricanes have also impacted a few universities. Several universities have reached out to help students in this situation. Some of them even have alert systems so that they can allow faculties or staff members to report to the authorities when students are in trouble. The student affairs division is also meeting regularly to address such concerns among the student community.

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