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Colorado Facing Shortage Of ICU Beds During Covid

During the Friday news it has been reported that the state of Colorado has less than 100 ICU (Intensive Care Unit) beds available

Colorado Facing Shortage Of ICU Beds During Covid

Many of the hospitals reported that they are anticipating a shortage in staff by a margin of 40% by next week. Bookman stated that on Friday the state had 1,267 people who were hospitalized due to covid 19. This is still lower than the all time high which the state witnessed couple of months ago at 1,847, but this doesn’t make the situation better as the beds are getting lower day by day.

It has been noted that roughly 80% of the beds are taken by people who are not vaccinated which is a grave concern. Public health care officials from Colorado stated that among the last 14 days 10 days there were high numbers. The states numbers are 49 patients per 1,00,000 people which is quite high and ranks 5th in the whole country which is a troublesome issue as Colorado is a small state.

Colorado Facing Shortage Of ICU Beds During Covid

Jared Polis the Colorado governor on Thursday stated that the state will have to ration care for covid 19 patients and might have also require FEMA medical surge teams. This will be invoked only if the hospital capacity is at its maximum which would be very hard for new patients.

Apart from bringing in FEMA teams, the governor stated that he will have to redirect all other doctors and staff to this issue by discarding less important chores like cosmetic surgery and other things.

One more thing that the state could do is activate crisis standards where in the resources like ICU and ventilators are only to be given to patients who are at a critical point in this.  Governor stated that the public is helping in any ways they can and know what is important at this point of time.

It has been observed that many of the doctors and health care professionals are working more than 24 hours which limited breaks. This is putting additional pressure on them as they are away from family and without much rest.

After schools being re-opened the country was seeing more number of child hospitalization which is also expected to get lower. Getting a kid hospitalized is tough as their parents also needs to stay with them which consumes lot of place within the hospital. Many of the companies are providing a one day paid leave for its employees for the upcoming vaccination drive to take their kids.

Many of the doctors and hospitals are still not sure how many vaccination or packages are going to be delivered to them as the center has not made any such announcement. Hospitals and staffs all around the country are now working in full swing for the next vaccination drive which is expected to start coming week. Biden administration has assured additional support at many areas.

Many of the schools are advising their kids and parents to get vaccinated and additional sessions are being conducted explaining the importance of getting vaccinated. FDA spokesman stated that the first step in getting kids vaccinated is to educate the parents and show them that there is no issue with their kids getting the shots.

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