After Suffering Concussion At Age Seven, Alison Brie Almost Went Blind!!!

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : May 15, 2022

Alison Brie nearly lost her eyesight when she was seven years old. In an interview on the podcast dubbed “Hypochondriactor,” the former ‘Community’ star revealed that she awoke from a concussion on the playground at school “hysterical” and couldn’t see anything when her father picked her up to go to the hospital. It happened as a result of a head injury she had sustained on the school playground.

Alison Brie Reveals That She Nearly Lost Her Eyesight At The Age Of Seven After Suffering A Concussion!!

The 39-year-old shared the following with Sean Hayes and Dr. Priyanka Wali on Wednesday (11.05.22). After a suspected concussion, they had earlier warned that it was advisable to keep alert: “When her father returned, she was delighted. She had no recollection of what transpired after that.
The next memory they have is sitting in the trunk of her father’s car when a tremendous bang sounded out of nowhere. They have no idea what is going on. When you close your eyes, you can still see hints of light and shadows.”

After Suffering Concussion At Age Seven, Alison Brie Almost Went Blind

“Everyone in the room was giggling nonstop. Then I broke out in uncontrollable sobs because they could tell I was trying to open my eyes as wide as possible. It was not a computer-related issue. And they feel that was also a component in the panic, which was like, “Oh my God.” they believe. So, for example, one may conclude that they were completely deaf and blind. After some time had gone, they wondered, “Maybe they’re just blind?”

She was told she would likely be blind for the rest of her life if “her vision doesn’t come back in 12 hours.” After Alison fell to the floor of the automobile, the accident occurred.”

They knew they ran the CAT scan on you and presumed they did it because they were too distressed, said Alison, who revealed her feelings.

Unless their daughter’s eyesight returns within the next 12 hours, her parents were told, she will remain blind.

“Promising Young Woman” heroine Alison Brie, who is now married to actor Dave Franco, received a happy ending and her sight restored after being blinded in an accident.

“Awakening is the next thought to enter the mind. The time difference between when we started and now is about 10 hours. When they wake up, they are in a hospital bed, and their parents are speaking to the medical professionals. It appeared as though they were having a good time when they said, “Can you see me?” In my opinion, and at this point in time, you have forgotten it. You should know that waking up in this hospital bed brings you joy.

Brie claimed she ultimately went through with a CAT scan, which revealed something that no parent ever wants to hear about their child: that they have cancer “If her vision does not return.

In an interview, the actress said she remembered waking up in her bedroom. She remembers her parents rushing to her bed to check on her around ten hours after the initial episode and urgently asking her whether she could see them.

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