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Congressman Kevin Brady Tests Positive After Gets Initial Vaccine Dose

The Republican Congressman Kevin Brady said in his tweet that he is in quarantine after being tested and informed positive for COVID-19 by the Office of House Physician.

Brady was about to receive the second dose of the vaccine of the Pfizer-BioNTech duo, and the regimen of the vaccine is two doses per patient in 21 days apart.

Congressman Kevin Brady Tests Positive After Gets Initial Vaccine Dose

Brady also said that on Dec.18, he received the initial dose of the Pfizer vaccine as recommended, and was tested negative for COVID on Jan. 1.


Presently the country is implementing 2 vaccines against the coronavirus, Pfizer and Moderna, which require a dosing regimen of two full shots one month apart. 

Moncef Slaoui, the lead scientist in the country’s COVID-19 response task force said that the government is thinking to cut down the doses into half for some people in a bid to pace up the process of vaccination.

The members of the U.S congress were on the priority list of the first batch of vaccination. This was decided to install confidence among the public. 

After Kevin Brady’s tweet, the public is likely to drop their trust in the vaccination processes, though he didn’t receive the second dose yet.

Meanwhile, reports came with new data showing that the confidence in vaccines is declining among people as the nation is painfully slowing down the vaccination rollout and rumors are coming like the doses are deviating to single or half doses. Such issues could have been resolved by the government before the public confidence started to fade. 

Recent updates indicate that the public declined their acceptance of the vaccine, after surveying 9,000 Americans. The survey included questions related to getting vaccinated when the vaccine became publicly available.

The confidence in vaccination was at the peak, at 74% during the early spread of the coronavirus. However, confidence declined to 56%. Despite adjusting for various sectors of people, in gender, age, ethnicity, and education, the huge difference remains still among the White, Black, Hispanic, and Asian individuals. 

The total percentage of confidence among the educated, especially those who hold bachelor’s degrees, is not as high as others but it fell from 85 to 70% from April to December.  

The major cause for the decline of confidence among people was the fact that the profuseness of information about the safety and efficacy of both Moderna and Pfizer vaccines.

To regain the trust of the people, the public should be engaged by both the state and national leadership. In that case, public health campaigns, aiming at the whole public could help.

The causes which induce distrust should be addressed and in such measures, as it would let the country to reach the point where the pandemic ends. 

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