CoolMe Pro Reviews – An Innovative Air Cooler Device?

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CoolMe Pro is a mini-sized air cooler to make hot summer days much bearable. Build using the 2nd generation engine, this machine does not produce any sound, consumes too much energy, nor incurs water leakage. The compact nature and lightweight allow portability. It can also be easily and quickly charged which helps to enjoy long hours of cool air. CoolMe Pro purifies the air around which results in a cooler environment and immediate relief from the burning climate. It also prevents the skin from getting dehydrated making it one of the most customer-favorite air coolers in the market. 

CoolMe Pro Reviews – An Instant Relief From The Hot Climate!

In this CoolMe Pro review, we shall discuss the important features of this device, the working mechanism, pricing, and other important factors to decide if CoolMe Pro can be beneficial to you!

CoolMe Pro Reviews
Product NameCoolMe Pro
SpecificationAir cooler
Main BenefitsIt provides cool/chilly air within seconds facilitating instant relief from the hot climate.
Weight2.2 pounds
Energy-efficiency 7 LED Mood Lights
Speed3-speed built-in thermostat control
ChargingCharged via the USB port
Price $139
AvailabilityOnly through the official website
Official WebsiteClick Here

What is CoolMe Pro? 

Ranked as the world’s no.1 mini air cooler, CoolMe Pro is designed to provide soothing cool air irrespective of the surroundings.

CoolMe Pro is one of the outputs of popular home appliance designer and manufacturer Dyson. CoolMe Pro is highly environment-friendly since it doesn’t involve freon. The cooler is in the shape of a square and weighs 2.2 pounds which makes it easy to use and carry around.

It works on nature’s principle of water evaporation resulting in an abundance of pure and fresh air. But even then it ensures to not suck up too much humidity and thereby prevents your skin, eyes, and nasal passages from getting dry.

The 2nd generation engine of the system makes it free from both noise and air pollution. It has built-in controllable and energy-efficient 7 LED Mood Lights.

Unlike the typical air conditioners that consume too much power, CoolMe Pro comes with a USB port that can be plugged into any electrical outlet and helps you enjoy refreshing cool air both indoors and outdoors.

It has a 3-speed built-in thermostat control that lets you adjust the speed of the wind as per your needs. CoolMe Pro aims to help individuals tackle the summer and make work from home comfortable and enjoyable. 

CoolMe Pro benefits

The unique features of CoolMe Pro set it apart from the rest as it comes with the following benefits-

  • It provides cool/chilly air within seconds facilitating instant relief from the hot climate. 
  • The fresh and purified air keeps the lungs free from toxic particles and harmful gases thereby preventing lung diseases, lung cancer, etc. 
  • Reduces electricity bills as the device can be easily charged via the USB port and works for long hours. 
  • Helps you contribute to the environment. 
  • Keeps your body hydrated while providing sufficient cooling. 
  • Helps to enjoy your daily activities without becoming tired or getting drenched in sweat. 

How do CoolMe Pro works?

CoolMe Pro is quite easy to use and does not require the help of an electrician or technician. According to the instructions provided by the official website, add water into the cooler along with a few ice cubes.

Next, place the Water Curtains inside the cooler which are upgraded filter papers that help to block bacteria, dust, and other microorganisms in the air from entering the cooler. You can then switch on the cooler and enjoy the cool refreshing wind.

Adjust the speed of the wind as needed using the 3-speed built-in control. It comes with 4 buttons that indicate low to high power each of which having a specific number of indicator lights. CoolMe Pro device cools down the hot air as the water evaporates resulting in a cool environment within seconds.

There are no unnecessary sounds produced neither does it take up too much current. You can easily charge Coolme Pro via a power bank, adapter, PC, or even a car charger to chill both indoors and outdoors without any hard work. 

CoolMe Pro working

Why is it the most demanded product this summer? 

Besides the instant cooling effect of the CoolMe Pro, it is highly energy-efficient and eco-friendly. It is quite natural during the summer season for most households to deal with high power bills as they use fans and air conditioners to battle the scorching heat.

Also, during power cuts, it becomes extremely difficult to stay inside and an impossible task to go outside. CoolMe Pro does not require any electricity and the amazing portability feature of the cooler allows you to relax and enjoy the summer season without getting affected by the heat.

Due to the current meteorological forecasts of heatwaves and the new normal of work from home, the demand for air cooler units has increased at a rapid level.

The low energy consumption, zero water leakage, mobility, faster cooling, and easy-to-use aspect of the device all available in a single one-time payment explains why CoolMe Pro is one of the highly sought-after air conditioner units this season. 

Is CoolMe Pro the best solution against heatwaves? 

The new generation CoolMe Pro mini cooler is proven to be the best solution to resist heat waves. Just like the land evaporates water to cool down the humidity by producing rainfall, CoolMe Pro evaporates the water present in the cooler and immediately generates cool wind helping you relax quickly.

Whether you are at home or outside camping or simply having a picnic in your backyard, CoolMe Pro ensures that you remain immune to the hot summer days. It is rated as the no.1 portable air conditioner unit and keeps you comfortable and cool throughout day and night.

Regular Air Conditioners run on fossil fuels which increases the number of air pollutants and is a major cause of premature death.

Global warming has resulted in a massive usage of ACs and the more we use these appliances, the planet only tends to become much warmer. And just as I have mentioned earlier, using these machines results in dry skin as your body becomes dehydrated.

But at the same time, it is pretty difficult to survive summer without these cooling units. CoolMe Pro mini cooler follows the same working mechanism of nature to cool the planet and therefore effectively, protects you as well as the environment. 

What makes it different from other coolers? 

Apart from being rated as the no. 1 air cooling device, many other factors make CoolMe Pro a unique and cost-effective air conditioner unit-

  • It can be carried and utilized anywhere you go which is not possible in the case of regular air conditioners, coolers, or fans due to the bigger size and power supply needs. 
  • As mentioned in CoolMe Pro review, it is made with the 2nd generation engine which refers to the nonedible plant and animal waste. This increases the sustainability of resources for the future. 
  • CoolMe Pro does not consume too much energy and helps you enjoy hot summer days without being worried about the electricity bills or suffer the tremendous heat. 
  • It does not release any pollutants or toxins into the air nor creates any noise while working. Therefore as your lungs receive purified air, you are also protecting nature from further damage. 
  • It comes with an introductory 50% Off and Free Delivery services worldwide. Thus you save a lot of money in addition to the power bills and repair services.
CoolMe Pro Customer Reviews

Is CoolMe Pro legit? 

Yes, it is 100% legit. CoolMe Pro is rated as the no.1 mini cooler in the market and is rated 4.9 on its official website. Several positive CoolMe Pro customer reviews can be found on the same page.

Many individuals report having been able to endure better sleep as well as comfortability in working from home due to the instant cooling effect created by the appliance. CoolMe Pro reviews online provide similar positive comments as well. 

CoolMe Pricing and Where to get it? 

It can be bought only from the official website. It is available at the price of $89 per unit, which is based on the instant 50% discount that is added to your purchase the second you visit the checkout page.

You can buy the product in bulk at the following prices- 

  • 2 CoolMe Pro + 1 Free at $179 ($59.67 each) 
  • 3 CoolMe Pro + 2 Free at $249 ($49.80 each)    
  • 2 CoolMe Pro at $139 ($69.50 each) 
  • 4 CoolMe Pro at $219 ( $54.79 each)

The packages that include free extra CoolMe Pro coolers would be an ideal choice if you want to use the device for multiple rooms or gift it to someone to beat the heatwaves.

Fill in your delivery address and payment details correctly. The website is protected by top security services such as McAfee, Norton, TRUSTe, etc. Best Deal Today would be handling all the transactions.

There are no delivery charges as I have said earlier. However, the delivery date may vary even further due to the pandemic.

Based on various CoolMe Pro reviews, CoolMe Pro is in high demand and therefore is low in stock. You may want to place your order before it fully runs out of supply. Please refer to the site’s FAQ section to know other details. 

CoolMe Pro Reviews – Final Verdict

Summer may not be the same for everyone and due to the rising temperatures and extra harmful UV rays, it becomes extremely difficult to enjoy like the olden days.

Fortunately, CoolMe Pro helps to face this harsh climate by instantly filling up your room or backyard with a cool breeze in seconds without any irritating noises. It is 100% eco-friendly and efficient due to several reasons ranging from its working mechanism to the size and utilization.

CoolMe Pro can be the perfect companion throughout summer as it helps you do your daily activities in a comfortable cool setting without dealing with the pain of electricity bills.

As said in CoolMe Pro review, it ensures to protect your skin from getting dehydrated as well as your lungs from breathing harmful gases and toxins in the atmosphere.

The USB port of the cooler allows easy charging wherever you go. Also, since CoolMe Pro is made using the 2nd generation engine and by using CoolMe Pro, you are automatically contributing to the sustenance of natural resources which is a fantastic quality that is not found in most air cooling systems.

The bulk packages of CoolMe Pro at such a reasonable price make CoolMe Pro an attractive and useful method to successfully battle heat waves. 

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