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Cops, Firefighters, Other City Employees In NYC will be Mandate Vaccine

In a request to government workers who have refused to get the COVID-19 vaccine, Mayor Bill de Blasio stated that “Wednesday that they will be placed on unpaid leave if they do not comply.

The move is certain to spark a fight with a few of the unions that represent the city’s police, firefighters, and other municipal workers.

Cops, Firefighters, Other City Employees In NYC will be Mandate Vaccine

The requirement, which affects the nation’s most prominent police force as well as more than 100,000 different New York City employees, including garbage haulers as well as building inspectors, has a November 1 deadline for receiving the first vaccination shot, according to Mayor Bill de Blasio, who announced the deadline.

The requirement would apply to prison guards on Rikers Island, in which the city has been struggling with staffing shortages that have resulted in dangerous circumstances.

Cops, Firefighters, Other City Employees In NYC will be Mandate Vaccine

The rule will take effect on December 1. According to the city, a total of 71 percent of the employees who the new requirement will impact have already taken at least one dosage of the vaccination.

Prior mandates on vaccinations for public school teachers came from the city, while a previous vaccine requirement for hospital employees came from the state.

According to the mayor’s office, city employees who get their first vaccine by October 29 at the city-run immunization facility will receive an additional $500 in their salary. Employees who fail to provide evidence of immunization by October 29 will be put on administrative leave.

As Mayor of New York City, Bill de Blasio stated in a statement, “There is no higher honor than helping the public of New York City. That privilege comes with the duty to keep yourself as well as your neighborhood safe.

” For many weeks, De Blasio has been debating whether to impose a vaccination requirement on the police, firefighters, and other municipal agencies.

His statement comes after renewed outrage over New York Police Department personnel who resist even basic precautions, such as wearing face masks.

One of the policemen was seen on camera pushing another out of a Manhattan subway stop after the latter challenged them for failing to comply with department regulations mandating them to wear masks.

The New York Police Department’s immunization rate has fallen behind that of the center of the town, with some officers flatly refusing to get the vaccinations.

Unions representing officers, who argue that receiving the vaccination is a personal medical choice, have indicated that they would file a lawsuit to prevent a requirement from being implemented.

Approximately 69 percent of the New York Police Department’s personnel is wholly vaccinated, compared to 77.4 percent of adult New Yorkers who have had a complete vaccination.

The New York Police Department employs about 34,500 uniformed officers and approximately 17,700 individuals in non-uniformed support jobs.

COVID-19 has claimed the lives of more than 60 New York Police Department workers, including five officers, eight detectives, and the previous head of transportation.

It is estimated that 16 firefighters died due to the pandemic, including EMTs and paramedics who worked around the clock there in the early years of the outbreak. Commissioner Dermot Shea and Fire Commissioner Daniel Nigrohavestated that a vaccine mandate is necessary to light the “emergency situation” in which the country finds itself.

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