Coronavirus Cases Affect Frontline Workers In Arizona

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : July 17, 2020

The authorities of Arizona State had issued a stay at home order to reduce the spread of coronavirus across the state. This was later lifted, and the state started returning to normalcy. An increasing number of cases has compelled the authorities to issue a fresh set of guidelines that do not allow gyms to be opened during this pandemic. When it comes to gatherings, not more than 50 people are allowed to assemble in one place.

This has come as a surprise as the Governor was not keen on imposing too many restrictions in the last few weeks. He was even seen actively participating in the rally organized to support Donald Trump.

In pas some weeks, many people were seen discarding social distancing norms and gathering in large numbers in public places. This was even more evident during the holiday season, and thousands of people gathered in the streets to celebrate Independence Day. However, the Governor did not take things seriously and allowed gatherings to happen without imposing a mask-wearing rule across the state.

Coronavirus Cases Affect Frontline Workers In Arizona

Meanwhile, medical workers across the state are working extra hours to manage the crisis. Most nurses and doctors are overburdened with lots of patients visiting hospitals regularly. In this situation, it is not surprising to see many hospitals run out of beds to treat coronavirus patients.

The medical professionals are not happy with the overall behavior of the crowd. Some doctors are of the opinion that people should actually see what is happening in the hospitals to take the pandemic seriously in the future. Most people are not wearing masks in public places, and this is not helping the efforts put by the medical fraternity to control the pandemic.

Frontline workers are also facing the extra workload. They are also under risk of catching the disease, and many of them have already become victims of this pandemic. The mental stress they have to undergo along with additional workload is affecting their lives to a large extent.

It is not surprising to see doctors and nurses getting affected by the virus. Experts blame the ill-fitting gloves and substandard protection equipment given to doctors and nurses across the United States. Apart from that, the government is not supporting the cause by lifting the lockdown and allowing everyone to roam around the streets freely without even using face masks.

Frontline members who are involved in the testing of coronavirus patients are also under severe stress as they are running out of staff. They are under severe risk of catching the infection even after wearing protective equipment. Some people who are working in this department are of the opinion that the number of testing sites is not enough, and thousands of people are waiting for long hours to get tested for coronavirus.

Most of the people in Arizona are not in favor of wearing masks, and some of them are even holding protests against the mandate to wear masks in public places. Even the government is not keen on imposing strict restrictions with regards to the usage of masks. They have asked the public to consider it a matter of personal responsibility to wear masks in public places to prevent the spread of the virus.

It is interesting to note that even during influenza that occurred 100 years ago in Arizona, the government was not able to impose a mask-wearing order successfully. When they finally managed to get a mandate for the usage of masks in public places, it lasted only for four days.

Educational institutions are set to open next month, and they are preparing to handle the pandemic by following the various safety guidelines issued by health authorities. The use of hand sanitizer is mandatory across various areas on the campus, and many restrictions will be imposed with regard to maintaining physical distance on the school campus.

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