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Coronavirus Updates: CDC Committee Votes On Vaccine Distribution Plan

There is a huge surge in the number of new Coronavirus cases across the country in the last two weeks. On average, more than 200,000 new infections are detected every day in the last week. The daily death toll is more than 2500 for one week, and the total mortality has crossed 300,000. Experts are worried that the next milestone of surpassing the total fatalities of World War II is just around the corner.

Coronavirus Updates: CDC Committee Votes On Vaccine Distribution Plan

However, there is some hope as the distribution of vaccines started Monday, and the Frontline health workers are all set to get the vaccine this month. A nurse in New York City became the first person in that state to receive the covid-19 vaccine that was recently authorized by the FDA. She said that she felt hopeful after receiving the vaccine shot. Vaccinations are also underway in several other states, and Health Care Agencies are working hard to supply the vaccines to all the hospitals across the country.

Several doctors and nurses got the first shots of the vaccine on Monday. The shipments containing vaccines were received by several hospitals, and they have already started giving the shots to Frontline Healthcare workers.

Coronavirus Updates: CDC Committee Votes On Vaccine Distribution Plan

Meanwhile, officials of the operation warp speed said that the FDA is likely to authorize a second covid-19 vaccine in the next week. This vaccine developed by Moderna is also found to be effective during the initial clinical trials. This will provide more supply of the vaccine to the eligible candidates, and it will be easier for the authorities to supply covid-19 vaccines to all the hospitals in the country.

According to the report coming from the CDC, several nursing homes across the country will not be able to start the vaccination program for their staff and residents till December 21st. There was some confusion as nursing homes were not taking part in the initial immunization program as they opted to be part of the Federal program that uses pharmacy chains to facilitate vaccination of staff members.

The hospital authorities are also finding it difficult to handle the distribution process as they have to prioritize the distribution. The hospital authorities have to get the necessary permissions signed by the residents before providing the vaccinations. Some nursing homes are still struggling with such requirements, even though the CDC allowed them to get oral permission from residents.

It is evident that the nursing homes will need some more time before they can get the consent forms from the staff members and residents. Everything needs to be done in an organized manner as the pharmacy needs to know how many doses need to be administered, and they have to keep track of the total vaccines given to the public.

Once the confusion is cleared in this regard, it will become easier for the Healthcare authorities to provide the covid-19 vaccines to all the residents and staff members. Public Health experts are of the opinion that it may take a few months to accomplish this task as there is a shortage of supply in the initial days. The good news is that few more vaccine candidates are in their final phases of clinical trials, and they may also get approval from the FDA in the coming months.

In this situation, the Healthcare authorities will have access to more than a few vaccines, and they can easily get the required supply of vaccines from multiple manufacturers. This will ensure that the needy candidates will get the vaccine of their choice at the earliest, and the pandemic can be brought under control before it can do more damage. As of now, the situation is completely out of control, and it is not looking like slowing down as more people are expected to gather during the year end festival season. The CDC has issued strict guidelines with regards to assembling in public places and also suggested the religious organizations to slow down the festival celebrations.

Officials are also making all the efforts to encourage vaccinations among the public. Several prominent political leaders and other people from the government agencies may also support the cause and take vaccinations in public view. This will develop confidence among the public that they are also getting the same vaccine that is used by the top leaders in the government.

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