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Coronavirus Updates: LA Plans Curfew, 248k US Deaths, Children Not Immune

The top US infectious disease expert, Dr. Anthony Fauci, said that a uniform approach is the need of the hour to control the coronavirus pandemic. The uneven response has led to a dangerous situation with each state having its own approach to handle the crisis. This has resulted in a surge in hospitalizations and an increase in the number of infections across the country.

Speaking at a conference, Fauci said that the country needs a fundamental public health measure that is followed by everyone instead of a statewide mandate for handling the pandemic. The Trump administration has left the decision of opening businesses and schools to the states, and this resulted in a lot of Republican states supporting the opening of schools and business without caring for public safety. As Trump always downplayed the pandemic, many Republican governors wanted to show that everything is normal by reopening schools and businesses even before the pandemic was under control.

According to the latest Covid 19 guidelines issued by the Iowa state, everyone older than 2 years needs to use a face-covering in public places. The timings of bars and restaurants were also changed according to the new guidelines. Earlier, Gov Kim Reynolds was not in favor of a mask mandate but has now changed the decision following a surge in the number of cases. The latest reports coming about covid 19 cases look scary as the US has more than 11.3 million cases and more than 248k deaths. The global toll stands at 55 million cases and 1.3 million deaths.

Los Angeles County is all set to impose new restrictions this week in order to contain the pandemic. There are reports that even a curfew will be imposed for some businesses in the region. The size of outdoor gatherings will be limited and non-essential retail establishments like restaurants will be shut down from10 pm to 6 am. The capacity at outdoor dining restaurants and bars will be restricted to 50%. In the same way, the capacity at retail outlets and offices will be restricted to 25%. When it comes to outdoor gatherings, not more than 15 people can assemble for such events.

Meanwhile, the 87 year old senate Chuck Grassley has tested positive for coronavirus. He made the announcement on Tuesday and said that he would be following the instructions of the doctors and going under quarantine. Even though he was feeling good without many symptoms, he was taking all the needed precautions considering his age.

Indiana Gov Eric Holcomb also went under quarantine after several members of his security tested positive for the virus. Both the Governor and his wife went under quarantine soon after they got to know that they were close contacts of infected people. The local health officials will now perform contact tracing for the Governor and take suitable measures.

New Orleans has cancelled the Mardi Gras parades for 2021 due to the pandemic. As per the latest guidelines, more than 150 people are not allowed for outdoor gatherings, and they cannot afford to have a large gathering in this situation. The carnival that ended on February 25 this year attracted more than a million visitors to New Orleans, and this was one of the main factors for the spike in the number of cases in this region.

Many experts are suggesting that people should start shopping for Christmas early to avoid crowded spaces during the festive season. In this way, they can easily stay at home during the holidays and enjoy the season safely with family members. There is no need to go outside for Christmas shopping when you can order most of the gifts online. The USPS is all set to deliver the gifts and packages during the festive season, and you can stay at home and shop online.

The number of covid 19 cases sees a steady rise even in Europe and many countries are staring at the second wave of coronavirus. According to experts, several countries in the European region have already run out of intensive care beds, and they see large numbers of cases on a daily basis. The situation is out of control for most countries in Europe, and a tested vaccine is their only hope to control the situation.

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