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Coronavirus Updates: US Reaches 250k Deaths, New York Schools Close

The covid-19 is not looking great across the US. According to the latest reports from official sources, the death toll has surpassed 250000 in the country. Considering the situation, several schools across New York City will be closed till further notice.

Coronavirus Updates: US Reaches 250k Deaths, New York Schools Close

New York City had earlier announced that schools and educational institutions would be closed if more than 3% of the tests performed across the city turned out positive. As per the latest tests conducted over a seven day period, the cases for more than 3%, and the authorities have taken the decision to close down the schools across the city.

During mid-March, the school system across New York stopped in-person learning due to the pandemic. More than a million students of the public schools will attend online classes until the schools reopen for in-person learning.

The pandemic has also affected several other sectors in New York City. The Metropolitan Transport authority that manages the Subway, bus, and Rail Network will see a lot of job cuts during the next year. The Federal government had promised a support of 12 billion dollars in order to keep them running. However, as of now, there is no support coming towards these workers, and they are at the verge of losing their jobs.

The New York City Subway and buses would be the worst affected due to this problem, and analysts estimate that as many as 7000 people may lose their jobs. The sector is not running well as most people did not use public transport during the pandemic. Other than that, public transport was stopped for many months during this year, and this has severely affected their earnings for the year.

According to the latest reports coming from authorized sources, the United States has become the first country to cross 250000 deaths due to coronavirus. The Global tally is also very high, and it is not looking at slowing down in the last few weeks. The total number of fatalities across the globe has crossed more than 1 million, and the United States accounts for nearly 20% of the total Global fatalities due to the pandemic.

Several experts point out the seriousness of the situation and say that coronavirus may lead to two more deaths if proper precautions are not taken in the coming months. Taking a look at the previous conflicts that claimed lots of lives in America, the Civil War was the biggest conflict that claimed nearly 500000 lives across the country. Other than that, nearly 400000 people lost their lives during the Second World War. However, the covid-19 is likely to surpass all these numbers in the near future if a proper vaccine is not available for the public in the next few months.

The Kentucky state announced a series of new restrictions with regards to the health crisis. As per the new restrictions, restaurants and bars will have new timings. Other than that, the classroom timings will also be altered so that proper precautions can be taken with regards to the pandemic. The state has also issued a mask mandate, and it is now compulsory to wear masks in public places. Many health experts believe that this simple measure can go a long way in preventing many cases in the next few months. As the country gears up for the holiday season, it is important to take such precautions to prevent a spike in the number of coronavirus cases.

The New York City Public Schools will go back to remote learning from Thursday as the number of cases has surpassed critical levels in the recent weeks. Till further notice is provided by the authorities, the preschool students and kindergarten students will also not be allowed to attend in-person classes. Even though many people have argued that this will impact students’ learning abilities, the authorities do not want to take a risk with the rising number of cases across the city.

Health experts have said that Americans could get vaccinated as early as April next year. The recent clinical trials have shown positive results, and it is expected that an approved vaccine will be available in the early months of next year. Frontline Healthcare workers will receive the first roses by the end of this year.

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