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Coronavirus Updates: US Reports 3000 Deaths In Single Day

The covid-19 pandemic had its worst toll on Wednesday, with more than 3000 deaths being reported across the US. Statistics showed that one person died every 28 seconds, and this is presenting a scary picture. Experts believe that this trend may continue for the next few months before the situation can be brought under control.

Coronavirus Updates: US Reports 3000 Deaths In Single Day

Considering the current rate of coronavirus infections, the death toll in the US could reach 300,000 in the next few days. A total number of 227,828 new coronavirus cases were registered on Wednesday, and this was the second-worst day ever since the beginning of the pandemic.

Coronavirus Updates: US Reports 3000 Deaths In Single Day

There is some good news, however, with regards to the covid-19 vaccine as the core committee of vaccine scientists have recommended the Pfizer vaccine for FDA authorization. The panel is likely to meet on Sunday, and authorization may be given on the same day. The mass vaccinations will be given soon after this approval from the FDA, and millions of healthcare workers are expected to receive the covid-19 vaccines by the end of December.

According to a survey conducted by the American Nurses Association, only about one-third of a panel of 13000 nurses said that they would be willing to take the vaccine while the rest of them were not sure or did not want to take the vaccine.

The distribution program is not an easy task, and the States will have to work hard to prioritize the distribution of vaccines. Several education experts believe that college students are more vulnerable due to their behavior, and priority should be given to vaccinating them at the earliest. In the recent past, it was noticed that students fueled some of the top outbreaks across the country as they were reluctant to practice social distancing and use masks in public places.

It is essential to understand at this stage that the new covid vaccines need to be taken in two doses. The second shot should be taken after about 21 to 28 days from the first shot. It may vary slightly depending on the manufacturer. However, some experts believe that there would be no harm if someone misses the deadline by a few days. The immune system generally responds better when there is a bigger gap between the first and second shots of the vaccine. As not much data is available about the new vaccine, experts suggest that it is better to take the second shot according to the authorized schedule in order to get complete protection.

Even as there is some positive news about mass vaccinations in several regions of the UK, there are some concerning reports about viral hoaxes regarding the effectiveness of the vaccine. Anti-vaxxers became active on social media platforms and started spreading misinformation about the new covid-19 vaccine. Researchers have warned that this is just the beginning of such misinformation campaigns regarding the vaccine, and the authorities should do something at the earliest to stop such attempts. The misinformation campaign can affect public trust in the immunization program in the near future.

Federal officials said that the production of N95 masks would reach 180 million per month in January. Before the start of the pandemic, the capacity was around 20 million per year. Health and Human Services officials said that they are now in a better position with regards to the availability of professional-grade masks. The national stock of N95 masks was less than 13 million at the beginning of this year.

Bi-partition group of governors rally behind a comprehensive plan to counter the covid-19 situation across the country. The plan focuses on five key elements as part of the covid-19 response, and this includes testing, contact tracing, social measures, and public health, along with vaccinations and treatments. The distribution plan was also discussed, and many experts agree that this is going to become the biggest challenge for the authorities since the beginning of the pandemic.

Public Health experts have warned that the number of coronavirus cases will continue to increase for the next few months. They said that the single-day toll is likely to surpass the deaths during 9/11 and Pearl Harbour. The CDC has also issued warnings in this regard and said that the situation is still out of control. However, the mass vaccinations may help the authorities to control the pandemic to some extent in the next few months.

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