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Coronavirus Vaccine Becomes The New Lucky Draw

With the Covid-19 vaccine being slowly distributed around the world, we finally see the ray of light after the stormy clouds.

Though the supply rates are low, the vaccines are being shipped to more and more countries and are expected to be distributed soon.

Coronavirus Vaccine Becomes The New Lucky Draw

Vaccine supply has already begun in the United States and millions of Americans are waiting to finally be safe and immune.

Coronavirus Vaccine Becomes The New Lucky Draw

Among these, a few of the fellow citizens are having their lucky day as clinics and hospitals are helping those who couldn’t afford to get vaccinated with the available extra doses. 

Sometimes these health workers are on the lookout for any recipients or at times they even put waiting lists and choose random names. 

As reported by MRT news, one recipient who was picked from the list of 1,500 people says that she is glad and that she wouldn’t want to question getting a lucky shot. 

A man who was buying groceries at a supermarket was called in by a nearby clinic asking if he would like to get vaccinated since extra doses were left. 

The very next day people began to hang out near the supermarket in hopes of being selected to get the extra vaccine. 

Even though it can be quite irritating to see a random person get vaccinated instead of a critical old woman who is infected, the US public experts state that anyone who is can afford or be chosen to get vaccinated should make use of it. 

Nashville city began providing doses in the form of lucky draws to prevent harmful sales of used shots from outside sources.

Last month their health department provided two subway workers with the remaining doses to prevent wastage.

Leftover vaccines aren’t available every day. But on days when there is, the health workers at the clinics and hospitals make sure to provide it to whoever they come across. 

Apart from preventing dose wastage, the individuals who come across these vaccines are immensely glad as most of the time, they are unable to afford it themselves. 

The American Press contacted the health authorities in various states and it was reported that the dose wastage was minimum apart from mishandled or spoiled doses. 

The health department in Illinois reported that only three out of 87,750 shots were wasted due to accidental spill and mishandling. 

In the state of Ohio, the waste doses were estimated to be high as most of them were damaged. Whereas in Pennsylvania, Houston, and New Jersey, the wastage was reported to be the bare minimum. 

The clinics and hospitals that give out these vaccines also ensure that they are handled well. 

They also register the names of individuals who would like to collect the vaccine in case of leftovers or extras. Thus, on days when there are remaining ones, they contact the registered names to immediately visit the clinic to get vaccinated.

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