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Coronavirus Vaccine Updates: Moderna FDA Authorization; Pfizer Approval In The UK

There is some good news with regards to the coronavirus vaccine. Moderna has said that its vaccine is more than 94 % effective according to the data from the clinical trials. In this regard, the company is all set to apply for emergency use authorisation at the FDA.

Coronavirus Vaccine Updates: Moderna FDA Authorization; Pfizer Approval In The UK

According to news reports, the FDA Advisory Committee is likely to take up the matter for discussion in the second half of December.

The stay at home order in Los Angeles County begins on Monday and will continue through December 20. As many as 10 million residents will have to stay home as much as possible during this period. The public gathering is prohibited, and people may not even have private gatherings outside of their household as per the new regulations. However, religious services and protests are exempted from these restrictions. In the last few days, California has reported more than 7000 new covid-19 hospitalizations which is the highest during the pandemic.

Coronavirus Vaccine Updates: Moderna FDA Authorization; Pfizer Approval In The UK

According to health experts, the covid vaccine will be available to all those Americans who want to take it by the end of June 2021. They are expecting over 300 million doses to be available for the American public by that time.

The CDC panel is all set to meet on Tuesday to vote on the distribution process of the covid-19 vaccine. The team of experts will meet and discuss who will have access to the first dose of the vaccine once it is approved by the FDA. According to health experts, emergency workers may be the first to get the vaccine apart from elderly patients who suffer from various health conditions.

The UK Government is expected to approve the vaccine developed by Pfizer. Hospitals across the country will receive the first doses of the vaccine as soon as it is approved by the government. This is great news for the European region as there is a huge spike in the number of coronavirus cases since the last month. Health experts are concerned that the second wave of coronavirus may be running throughout the continent, and it is expected to cause more damage than the first one.

Nevada health officials have reported more than 1600 new coronavirus cases on Monday. This is a big surge in the number of cases and the highest during the pandemic for the region. So far, Nevada has seen more than 2000 deaths since the beginning of the pandemic. The number of hospitalizations has also peaked in this region in the last few weeks.

Close to 75% of the hospital beds are completely occupied, and this shows the severity of the situation. Doctors are worried that they will run out of essential equipment and ICU units to treat critical patients in the near future.

The situation is the same in the St Louis region as the number of covid-19 cases continues to rise in the last few weeks. Most of the hospitals are running out of Intensive Care beds, and officials have given a warning that the region is heading into crisis mode. Close to 80% of the Intensive Care beds are occupied at the moment, and Public Health officials are concerned that they may run out of hospital beds in the next one week.

Meanwhile, the CDC panel is all set to meet on vaccine prioritisation on Tuesday. They will vote on who will get the first supplies of covid-19 vaccine. As of now, two vaccine makers have filed for emergency use authorization with the FDA, and it would be interesting to see if both of them will be available for public use in the short term. According to officials, there will be a supply shortage in the initial stages, and the vaccine has to be rationed properly by the Federal government. Frontline Healthcare workers will be amongst the first people to get the vaccine as they are under high risk in this situation.

The CDC panel will also decide on how to provide vaccines for the rest of the people in different phases. After the vaccine is provided to the Frontline workers, the Federal government will look into other options to provide vaccines to the common public.

The National Health Service of the UK is expected to give the nod to the Pfizer covid-19 vaccine. The panel is expected to meet next week and look into the regulatory approval process. Hospitals across the country have been told to be ready to provide a vaccine if it gets approval from the health authorities.

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