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Cosmetics In The USA Found To Contain Toxic Substances

More than half of the cosmetics sold-out within the U.S. and North American country possible contain high levels of a virulent industrial compound joined to serious health conditions, together with cancer and reduced birth weight, in step with a brand new study.

Cosmetics In The USA Found To Contain Toxic Substances

Researchers at the University of Notre Dame tested over 230 ordinarily used cosmetics and located that fifty-six of foundations and eye product, forty-eighth of lip product associate degreed forty-sevenths of mascaras contained high levels of a chemical element — an indicator of PFAS, alleged “forever chemicals” that area unit employed in slippy cooking pans, rugs and innumerous alternative shopper product.

Cosmetics In The USA Found To Contain Toxic Substances

Some of the best PFAS levels were found in waterproof war paint (82%) and long lipstick (62%), in step with the study revealed weekday within the journal bionomics & Technology Letters. Twenty-nine product with high chemical element concentrations were tested any and located to contain between four and thirteen specific PFAS chemicals, the study found. Just one item listed PFAS as an associate degree ingredient on the label.

The study results were proclaimed as a nonpartisan cluster of senators who introduced a bill to ban the utilization of PFAS, perfluoroalkyl and polyfluoroalkyl substances in cosmetics and alternative beauty products. The move to ban PFAS comes as Congress considers wide-ranging legislation to line a national drink customary certainly PFAS chemicals and shut down contaminated sites across the country, together with military bases wherever high rates of PFAS are discovered.

The Environmental Protection Agency is also moving to gather business information on PFAS chemical uses and health risks because it considers laws to cut back potential risks caused by the chemicals.

“There is nothing safe and zip smart concerning PFAS,” aforementioned legislator Richard Blumenthal, a Democrat from Connecticut WHO introduced the cosmetics bill with legislator Susan Collins, a Republican from Pine Tree State.

Graham Peaslee, a physics prof at Notre Dame and therefore the man of science of the study, known as the results stunning. Not solely do the cosmetics cause an instantaneous risk to users. However, they additionally produce a long risk, he said. “PFAS could be a persistent chemical. Once it gets into the blood, it stays there and accumulates,” Peaslee aforementioned.

The chemicals additionally cause the chance of environmental contamination related to production and disposal, he said.

“This ought to be a warning call for the cosmetics business,” aforementioned David Andrews, a senior person at the Environmental unit, a Washington-based non-profit-making that has worked to limit PFAS.

The product tested within the study “Is applied each day by numerous Americans. Therefore, it’s important that we tend to finish all non-essential uses of PFAS,” Andrews aforementioned.

The unreal compounds area unit employed in innumerous product, together with a slippy cooking utensil, impermeable sports gear, cosmetics and grease-resistant food packaging, in conjunction with firefighting foams.

They’re additionally gifted in sure sparkling waters, together with Coca-Cola’s Topo Chico, in step with shopper Reports. 

Public health studies on exposed populations have associated the chemicals with an associate degree array of health issues, together with some cancers, weakened immunity and low birth weight. In addition, widespread testing has found high levels of PFAS in several public water systems and military bases in recent years.

“PFAS chemicals don’t seem to be necessary for makeup. Given their massive potential for hurt, I think they must not be employed in any care product,” aforementioned Arlene Blum, an author of the study and administrator of the inexperienced Science Policy Institute, associate degree support cluster in Berkeley, Calif.

A spokesperson for the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, which regulates cosmetics, had no immediate comment.

The Personal Care Product Council, a trade association representing the cosmetics business, aforementioned in an exceedingly statement that a small variety of PFAS chemicals is also found as ingredients or at trace levels in a product like lotion, nail

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