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Counter-Protest Of Trump Supporters In Portland Lead To Fatal Shooting

On late Saturday, a person was shot and killed in Portland, Oregon. It all started as large caravan of Black Lives Matter protesters, and President Trump supporters clashed right on streets as reported by police.

But, there is no clarity on the shooting directly linked to the actual clash between two sides. The reason was when the conflict broke out; there was a caravan of around 600 vehicles that were confronted by protesters. It was in the Portland city’s downtown as reported by police.

‘There were three gunshots’ an Associated Press freelance photographer reports. After that, he also observed police medics arrived and working around the body of the victim. The victim was appeared to be a white man. Apart from that, the freelance photographer revealed that ‘the killed person was wearing a hat. The hat was bearing the insignia of Patriot Prayer’. It was part of a right-wing group, and the members of this group frequently have a clash with the protesters in the recent past in Portland.

Counter-Protest Of Trump Supporters In Portland Lead To Fatal Shooting

The Police present on the spot did not report any other additional details about the shot, but the team was at the scene, and the investigation was going on late Saturday.

The Portland Police Bureau responded and said, “Portland Police arrived when some of the officers heard gunfire sounds. This was from the 3rd Avenue, area of Southeast and Southwest Alder Street. They were able to respond and locate the victim killed by gunshot with a wound right at the chest. After medical responded, they determined that the victim already died.”

It is from over three months; Portland has become the site for nightly protests. These all started since the police shot and killed George Floyd, and it was in Minneapolis.

Most of the protesters end in violence and vandalism. Finally, hundreds of demonstrators were arrested by federal and local law enforcement from last May. On Saturday, all around the downtown, the caravan arrived, and this was as a part of the planned protest. The protesters were getting underway. Even before the shooting, police made many arrests, and they were advising all the residents to avoid the city core altogether.

This chaotic scene resulted just after two days when Trump invoked Portland as the liberal city and that overrun with the violence. President even mentioned the same in a speech given at Republican National Convention. His speech was part of his re-election campaign theme known as ‘law and order.’ In a row, at the caravan market on the third Saturday that Trump supporters have also planned railed in the city.

Along with Trump, even other speakers were evoked violent in convention of this week. They mentioned about blurry future if Joe Biden presidential candidate for Democratic wins in coming November. They also pointed as a cautionary tale towards Portland for what actually would be in store for entire America.

There was a similar caravan in Boise, Idaho, with same organizers who organized the rally in this week. He posted a video on Twitter and said that ‘attendees should always carry only concealed weapons on Saturday afternoon. More than that, the root will always be kept secret due to safety reasons.’

Earlier in the day, the caravan was gathered right at the suburban mall. Later as a group, they drove towards the heart of Portland. When they arrived in the city, there was a forceful stop by protesters, and they were standing on the streets to block the bridges.

The videos released on the scene were depicting sporadic fights. In the videos, Trump’s supporters were firing paintball pellets towards the opponents. They were doing it by using bear spray, and they were spraying it when counter-protesters started throwing things at the Trump caravan.

The reported shooting occurred shortly before 9 p.m. This was many hours after caravan started arriving in Portland.

Based on the earlier protests and reports, the Black Lives Matter demonstrations generally target police buildings. In the past, they have also targeted some of the federal buildings. There were some protesters who even called for police. Later some of the Black community and the city’s mayor finally described the occurred violence as counterproductive.

The Early morning Saturday’s fires were set outside the police union building. The site was the spot for frequent protests even earlier, and that made the police declare a riot.

There was the usage of accelerant to ignite mattress. Police also reported cases of other debris, and the same was laid right against the doors of Portland’s Police Association building. This was reported as part of one of the police statement. In the street nearby this incident, there was also one dumpster set on fire.

There was a sit-in arranged in the lobby of Portland mayor’s condominium building following the same commotion, and it was on Friday night.

Even though protests existed before, it has been reported that protests started intensified right after deployment of over 100 federal law enforcement agents by President Donald Trump to Portland. The agents were deployed by saying they are for protecting the federal property. The local critics and officials later accused President Trump of creating higher conflict in the nationwide protests. There was a nationwide protest happening over police brutality and racial injustice against Black Americans. There was another announcement by federal and local officials, and this was related to an agreement to start withdrawing the federal agents.

Violence on Saturday killed a person, and it was realized when police and an Associated Press freelance photographer heard gunshots. Later the police were able to locate the victim, and by the time Medical checked, he was dead. After it was reported that the killed man was wearing insignia of Patriot Prayer carrying a hat. He belonged to the right-wing group. The members of the group frequently clashed with the protesters in the recent past in Portland.

Surroundings of the federal courthouse have become the central spot for protests and especially in the most immediate period. The protesters planned limited and a couple of blocks surrounding the courthouse, and it was not the streets when it was started.

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