The Country Will Not Boost Its Way Out Of The Pandemic, CDC Says

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : September 29, 2021

One-third of the US population has received at least one dose of the vaccine and some of them could have even received the booster shot.

The virus, however, poses a great risk for those 70000000 yet to be inoculated. They are the most vulnerable at present, CDC reports. The agency gave its final nod to booster shots to millions of Americans.

The Country Will Not Boost Its Way Out Of The Pandemic, CDC Says

Are you fully vaccinated? Have six months passed after you received the second dose? If yes, you are eligible for a third shot if you fall into either of the below-mentioned groups:

  • Those above 65 and older
  • Those with pre-existing health issues that make them prone to severe infection; obesity, kidney disease, high blood pressure, diabetes and other such ailments
  • Those living in a setting that put them at higher risk of COVID 19 infection; teachers, healthcare workers, those living or working in long-term facilities and people working in grocery shops and stores.
The Country Will Not Boost Its Way Out Of The Pandemic, CDC Says

Even then, CDC acknowledges one fact. Boosting is not the way out of this pandemic. Millions of Americans are now eligible for the Pfizer booster dose. That is definitely an amazing thing. But the country needs to speed up the first phase of its vaccination. The vaccine is the only tool available today to eradicate COVID 19.

The agency wants to be clear with the country. Boosting is not the strategy to save the US from this pandemic. As per the data CDC released recently, 55% of the country’s population is fully vaccinated until Friday.

An analysis of a reputed media firm shows that the average number of deaths in the highest vaccinated States is much lower than those with the lowest rate of vaccination.

CDC, in the meantime, had recommended booster shots for those 65 and older. It stopped at the point of extending it to those living in or working in high-risk settings of COVID 19. The agency’s Director, however, made up for the shortcoming. She extended booster shots to those living in high-risk environments.

Certain members did vote enthusiastically for including those working in settings that make them vulnerable to COVID 19. Thus the question did not need a yes-no answer. It was a request to wait a bit more. Their intention was not to withhold access to boosters but to protect the country in its entirety.

Boosters are available in the US at present. CVS Pharmacy announced on Friday that it is receiving appointments for the third dose in its 6000 locations. These sites offer Pfizer vaccine doses.

Federal regulators have authorized only Pfizer vaccine shots for the time being. Thus only those who have received the two doses of Pfizer are eligible to receive the extra dose. Thus those who received their initial doses either from Johnson & Johnson or Moderna are not eligible for the booster at the moment.

CVS will ask those who opt for a booster shot to self-attest their eligibility for the same. And it will accept only those who have received the first two doses from Pfizer.

CDC also assured the recipients of the shots of Moderna and Johnson & Johnson that the regulators have not forgotten them. Deliberations are underway to decide their next move in this regard.

They will give utmost priority to other groups vulnerable to COVID 19 and those who happened to receive the shots of Moderna and Johnson & Johnson.

Authorities are also concerned about the impact the pandemic is having on schools. In a time period of August 1 and September 17, COVID 19 outbreaks forced 1800 schools to close down. This affected almost 40000 teachers.

CDC recommends that schools should mask up and maintain social distance to minimize outbreaks and remain open.

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