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COVID 19: A Summer Of Expectations Turns To A Summer Of Despair

The US dreamt of eliminating the COVID 19 virus from the country by summer. But the season is ending with the country firmly in its grip. The number of deaths is back to where it had been in March.

The summer was expected to be the season of independence for the US from the virus. However, the season is ending with the country firmly in the grip of the virus. It also witnessed a spike in the number of deaths. It is now where it had been in March.

COVID 19: A Summer Of Expectations Turns To A Summer Of Despair

The Delta variant is filling up hospitals to their full capacity. Children are falling ill. And deaths too are sky-rocketing in certain parts of the country. Frequent outbreaks are now forcing schools that had reopened to return to online learning. In the meanwhile, the country is witnessing an alarming number of legal suits, disputes, and violence because of vaccination and mask mandates.

COVID 19: A Summer Of Expectations Turns To A Summer Of Despair

The death toll in the country, at present, is over 650000. According to a prediction, it will surpass 750000 by December.

There was a time when the nation hoped that things will get back to normal. But the Delta variant shattered all hopes. This should not have happened.

President Biden wanted to host a party to celebrate American Independence from the virus. Other leaders too were in a jubilant mood. But things fell apart with the onset of the Delta virus.

The general public’s vaccine-hesitation and the highly transmissible Delta variant caused the surge of the summer, experts reported. Even political leaders organized campaigns against vaccination. The Delta variant spread faster than anyone could ever imagine. And it destroyed the progress the country gained through vaccination.

The situation became the worst in the time period of June-August. The month of June recorded over 400000 infections. Last week, the country reached the same level in three days. In the month of August alone, the country reported 26,800 deaths. The number of infections surpassed 4.2 million. The monthly test positivity rate was the fourth-highest since the start of the pandemic.

Delta variant killed more American youngsters this year. The number still remains at an alarming rate.

At the time of the previous two surges, the group that suffered most was that of those above 75. At present, the most vulnerable people are those in the age range between 50 and 64.

In total, the outbreak is still below the previous peak of winter. At that time, 3,400 people died on a single day. The number of new infections was more than 25000000.

The daily average of new infections in the US at present is 150,000 and the same in the matter of death is 1500.

Experts began to worry even before the onset of the Delta variant. They feared that relaxing social distancing and allowing large assemblies may fuel outbreaks.

America stayed indoors for a year and it wanted to come out. Then the Delta variant hit us hard. This brings one thing to light. Vaccinating one-third of the adult population too was not sufficient enough to contain this virus.

Vaccines are still effective. They prevent severe illness, hospitalization, and death. But millions of eligible Americans are yet to get vaccinated. Up to 40% of the eligible population is yet to be fully inoculated.

In a city in South Dakota, a school reported more than 300 new infections among students within 14 days of reopening. Still, a majority of them oppose the mask mandate.

Everyone dreams of freedom. No one wants to wear a mask. But the country has no choice, but to accept reality.

The trend, however, seems to remain unchanged. This allows health officials more time to vaccinate the country’s adult population.

The signs of recovery and despair are now showing at a balanced rate. Still, experts remain hopeful of the current progress in vaccination.

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