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Covid 19 And Music Concerts

Lazarus, a 30-year-old fan wanted to see Wilco and co-headliner Sleater-Kinney in August 2020. The concert was scheduled in the suburb West of St. Louis in an open-air venue but got canceled due to the pandemic.

Covid 19 And Music Concerts

A traffic engineer fell ill with COVID 19. He quit his job in Connecticut to relocate to St. Louis for his girlfriend.

Covid 19 And Music Concerts

She, however, broke up with him before he could move to St. Louis. Still, he trekked in his converted minivan to Missouri to attend the rescheduled outdoor concert.  But hours before he could realize his plans to come to the concert, he learns of another development. The band required proof of vaccination or a negative test prior to 48 hours to get to the concert.

The team announced the requirement just two days before the concert. And this sent their fans into a frenzy.

This is one among various such moves from the industry that had to be done in order to prevent the spread of the highly contagious delta variant. There were also concerns about the recent music festival being a super spreader.

One year went by without music concerts. And when the country reopens, the bands, fans, and promoters are waiting to see everything getting back to normal. But concerns about the safety of organizing outdoor events remaining. Even with the requirements like proof of vaccination and COVID 19 test report, things don’t look right, say, health officials. The circulation of COVID 19 at present is too much for the country to bear.

The first few months of summer witnessed large concerts with crowds of people without masks. Then came the Delta variant in July. It raised concerns about the safety of organizing outdoor gatherings.

A certain division of health officials had warned that the event held in Lollapalooza will become a super-spreader. Fortunately, it did not happen, as per the report. According to the data presented, only 203 among the participants were infected with the virus. There, however, are experts who doubt the claim.

According to certain experts, tracing contacts on an average day itself is difficult. And it is sure to be all the more difficult during an event like the one organized in Lollapalooza.

A division of health officials, in the meantime, view this as a ray of hope. Even then, outdoor gatherings pose great risks despite the current requirements for entry. The situation is all the more critical in the States like Missouri where the Delta variant is causing havoc. They warn against having large gatherings in areas where the rate of transmission of the virus is high or substantial.

Recently, two of the reputed promoters of music concerts announced that they will require either proof of vaccination or a COVID negative report for their events. Others are refraining from issuing any such requirements. Still, others simply postpone programs.

There are also people who refuse to attend concerts until they impose such restrictions. For others, such gatherings are not safe even for vaccinated people. Such is the threat the Delta imposes.

Promoters of concerts, however, are concerned. They have to make sure that vaccinated people feel safe enough to come for their shows. They also want to make sure that those who bought their tickets will attend the event. During the pre-pandemic times, 90% of those who bought tickets for an event attended the same. The numbers have now come down to 60% in recent days.

Fans, unable to get refunds for their tickets, even sell them for lesser pay. People are now reluctant to attend concerts even with the vaccine requirements and negative test reports. The risk is not worth taking, they say.

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