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COVID-19 Breakthrough Case – What Is This?

When a fully vaccinated individual gets affected by Coronavirus it is now termed as COVID-19 breakthrough case. This includes asymptomatic cases to serious cases which require hospitalizations. Health officials have already been expecting such cases and say they are not to because of fear. If you see how the vaccination works you would know better. Vaccine first makes the body recognize the virus and later if you are exposed to it body should be ready to fight against it. Though the vaccinations are pretty effective in fighting against the virus there are possibilities to get infected by a virus with less or no symptoms.

COVID-19 Breakthrough Case – What Is This?

Though two shots of vaccinations from Pfizer and Moderna were almost 95% effective there were cases of people getting affected after being fully vaccinated. Unfortunately, if you fall sick even after being fully vaccinated chances of you getting highly ill are less. Vaccinations reduce the intensity and complications caused by the virus. In the US who are still not vaccinated are experiencing health complications and getting hospitalized for the same.

COVID-19 Breakthrough Case – What Is This

How many breakthrough cases?

Though CDC is not exactly tracking the breakthrough cases, it reported over ten thousand cases that spread across 46 states. Around 5,492 cases led to hospitalization or death. 75% of these patients were above the age of 65. It is to be noted that 97% of people getting hospitalized were unvaccinated.

Symptoms of breakthrough cases

When fully vaccinated get affected by COVID their symptoms are less severe.

The most common symptoms that were reported include headache, continuous sneezing, and loss of smell, sore throat, and leaking nose.

Who are at risk for breakthrough infection?

Though the past six months’ data shows a decline in death rates, the recent delta variant has been a cause of concern. Few people are at a greater risk of getting affected such as immunocompromised patients. A survey conducted by NBC News found that people aged 65 and above were found to be sick and even died even though they were fully vaccinated. Also of who died had other underlying health conditions contributing to health complications. CDC also stated that people may be infected just before or just after vaccination because it takes around two weeks for the human body to build immunity against the virus after vaccination.

Can you spread the COVID if you are a breakthrough case?

In general, people who are vaccinated and yet get affected have fewer health complications. Dr.Anthony Fauci said that it would be less likely that a vaccinated breakthrough would transmit compared to an unvaccinated person. To decrease the spread masking is to be done seriously.

CDC and ongoing studies

CDC is conducting multiple studies and is teaming up with state and local health departments to investigate COVID-19 infections. Patterns and trends include age, existing medical conditions, vaccination they received, and more.

Is it a serious issue of concern?

Doctor William Moss says it is almost not possible to say how a breakthrough case occurs. It may also depend on the number of viruses we are being exposed to. Importantly it depends on the individual immune system and how the body responds to shots. Because of another regular medicine intake, few may be less responsive to vaccination shots. CDC (Centers for Disease Control) is of the opinion that new variants of the virus may also be the contributor to the breakthrough cases. Contradicting to this CDC has also said the US vaccinations fight against the new variant of the virus. Health officials may soon conclude that if the trend of increase in breakthrough cases keeps rising a booster shot to vaccination may be required.

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