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COVID-19: Cases May Be Leveling Off, But With More Deaths

In the United States, an average of more than 200,00 people tested positive for COVID-19 every day for two straight weeks with record numbers of cases in hospitalization and death. 

On Tuesday, over 195,000 new cases on COVID-19 were reported. According to data from John Hopkins University, this puts the seven-day average of daily new cases at just over 215,000.

COVID-19: Cases May Be Leveling Off, But With More Deaths

That has only made a tiny change from the number of newly infected back on Dec. 10, when the seven-day average of daily new cases reached 212,000, which suggests that new cases may have leveled off at a high daily average.

Cases May Be Leveling Off, But With More Deaths

Since cases of hospitalization and deaths generally follow a week or two after new cases, the number of people hospitalized and dying from COVID-19 has continued to heighten up.

According to the COVID-19 Tracking Project, on Tuesday, 117,777 people were hospitalized, the highest number of hospitalizations reported since the pandemic began.

Additionally, the total number of deaths reported was 3,400, becoming the second-highest number of deaths in a single day due to the pandemic. 

Hude surges in new cases were seen in states like California, Tennessee, Oklahoma, and Rhode Island, whereas much of the Midwest had declined since its recent peaks.

The variations in the number of new daily cases are determined by the people’s behavior or how the nation’s power systems influence the behavior.

Public health officials like D. Anthony Fauci cautioned people against holding large, indoor, unmasked gatherings on the coming celebrations of Christmas and New Year.

The director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, Dr. Fausi said on Tuesday that he wanted people to be more careful and limit their traveling to the extent possible. 

He also warned people to congregate with a limited number of people.

Several countries have closed their borders to the UK in the past few days since a variant of the coronavirus has spread widely in the UK.

The estimation is done by the scientists who advise the UK government that the new variant of the virus is)% more effective at spreading than others. 

The chair of the New and Emerging Respiratory Virus Threats Advisory Group (NERVE TAG), Peter Harby said on Monday that over other variants, this variant has a transmission advantage.

The Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna vaccines would still be effective since the UK variant wouldn’t cause more severe disease.

On Monday, a member of NERVE TAG, Scientist Neil Ferguson said that there is a clue that the virus variant found in the UK could have a higher propensity to infect children compared to the earlier variants.

For children, severe illness due to COVID-19 is still relatively rare.

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