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Covid 19 Cases Surge, Fauci Says Worst Is To Come

It’s here and everything seems to be happening at once. Following the alert sounded by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention) on Tuesday 27 July followed by President Biden’s address on 30 July, there has been an increase in people turning up for vaccination, though the national average of the United States is still below the halfway mark at 49.6%. The Delta variant of the Sars-COV-2 virus is continuing to wreak havoc on the United States. 

Dr. Anthony Fauci, a White House Medical advisor warned that cases are surging and things are going to get worse. Things have certainly got worse in New Orleans where the spike in infections is so high that the system does not even have the capacity to handle 911 calls. In the southern state of Florida, things aren’t better.  This southern state recorded the highest daily cases on Saturday 31 July 2021 which is the highest since the pandemic began in the United States during early 2020.  The Tallahassee Memorial Healthcare sounded an alert when 70 hospitalizations were reported after 11 more were hospitalized within just 2 days. The previous highest hospitalization had been 51 during the peak during the past year.

Covid 19 Cases Surge, Fauci Says Worst Is To Come

A total of 10,207 people with confirmed Covid-19 have been admitted to hospitals all over the state of Florida. This is the highest since the start of the pandemic and the highest per capita number of cases among all the states in the U.S.

Stephanie Derzypolski, chief communications of Tallahassee Memorial Healthcare revealed that a vast majority of the hospitalized people are unvaccinated and are mostly in their 20s, 30s, and 40s. Stephanie said these people are now begging for vaccines but it’s too late.

Covid 19 Cases Surge, Fauci Says Worst Is To Come

The rate of vaccinations has been steadily rising in the United States and 816,000 people have been vaccinated, including 517,000 who have received their first dose. Meanwhile, another crisis is looming up. While vaccination is picking up, hundreds of thousands of vaccines are nearing their expiry dates and will have to be thrown away unless they are redistributed or sent to other countries.

 Dr. Anthony Fauci reiterated the statement of the President of the United States, stressing that vaccinated people have a much lesser probability of having a serious infection from the Delta variant of the Sars-COV-2 virus as compared to unvaccinated people. Dr. Fauci reminded the people of the United States that lockdowns may not be imposed again but pain and suffering among infected people will be very high.

There are still pockets of resistance to both vaccinations as well as mask protocols in the United States. Texas and Mississippi have asked the authorities not to enforce vaccination nor wearing of masks in their states. South Carolina also seems to be following suit as they have urged authorities have banned schools from making vaccination a condition of enrolment or entry.

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Another disturbing trend is a recent poll conducted among vaccinated and unvaccinated people that showed only 25% of the unvaccinated were concerned about the virus and 44% of the vaccinated were concerned. This disturbing finding indicates that a vast majority of the unvaccinated do not even feel that the virus is lethal.      

Texas Governor Gregg Abbott had issued a statement asking authorities not to force vaccination among Texans and that they would do it of their own accord and had even presented statistics that showed a downward trend in Covid- 19 infections. But the Department of State Health Services reported on Friday 30 July 5846 patients were hospitalized in Texas, the highest since the end of February 2021.

The pandemic is far from over and requires closer cooperation and consensus on the action to be taken.

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