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Covid-19 Crisis And How Vaccines Are Reacting

The U.S. has hit another fifth category hurricane status with this pandemic when the Midwest of it has approached a 4th wave of the cases, as said by Michael Osterholm, who is the Policy Director of the University of Minnesota Center for Infectious Disease as he said on Sunday.

Covid-19 Crisis And How Vaccines Are Reacting

Let us understand that, at this time, the country is really in the 5th category hurricane status as compared to the rest of this world as said by Osterholm in a news meeting.

At this point, we would be seeing in the upcoming 2 weeks one of the highest daily cases which will be reported globally from the start of this pandemic. For the U.S. the country is just at the beginning of the surge, we all have not begun for seeing it yet.

Covid-19 Crisis And How Vaccines Are Reacting

Osterholm has pointed this to Michigan, which has already recorded a striking rise in the infection in the past few days. This state has reported around 8,413 Covid-19 cases on Saturday, which is the highest number since the seventh of December, as per the health officials. Michigan, which has the second-highest number in the cases which is of the more B.1.1.7 variant, second after Florida.

Osterholm has said the surges of these cases cycles between the US regions, beginning in the Northeast and Upper Midwest. These surges then subside and also move in the southern states, which will then subside in its turn, with a spike in the cases returning in the original regions of the country.

Not all of the experts are very convinced as said by Dr. Scott Gottlieb, who is the ex-commissioner of the U.S. FDA or Food and Drug Administration as said on the news agency on Sunday which one didn’t think about that the fourth wave was likely.

We did not think that it was going to be a fourth wave as Gottlieb has said. We think that we have most delayed this point in which one can get this for the summer, but we have failed to forestall this opportunity.

Osterholm is warning of the dire consequences between the good news for this U.S. rollout of the vaccines. The CDC or Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has reported a record high in the number of shots in the weekend with greater than 4 million doses which were given in 24 hours.

How long would these vaccines protect the people?

The initial and new evidence has suggested that the immunity from this vaccination against the coronavirus has offered long-lasting protection, but the vaccine production has also begun testing and making versions of the shots which protected against the various worrying variants.

Doctors are very tensed that this coronavirus vaccine might end up like influenza, which requires a vaccine year due to circulating strains that mutate very fast and the immunity from this vaccine quickly wears off.

In the latest report from Pfizer showed the people in South Africa that got the Covid-19 vaccine shot after the B.1.351 virus dominated. They were very strongly protected from this infection. Something like this backs up in the laboratory experiments which have also shown that the vaccine creates such a broad and strong immune response which acts as a cushion against the effects of the mutant viruses. But the vaccine makers did not take any chances.

The U.S. vaccine rollout was also intensified, in the country which is now averaging greater than three million doses administered daily as per the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in the country.

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