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COVID 19 Delta Variant Strikes Kids As School Reopen

The covid 19 viruses have been changing their form and the new form known as the Delta variant is striking all across the US affecting vaccinated and unvaccinated people equally. However, it has been noted that the virus is more dominant on unvaccinated people especially kids, as they do not qualify for vaccination programs yet.

COVID 19 Delta Variant Strikes Kids As School Reopen

As of Tuesday more than 2400 children were hospitalized showing the symptoms of the Delta variant. Many of the top doctors say this is mostly due to the Schools being reopen but cannot be the only form of transmission. There could be multiple forms as the kids have to travel through public to get to their schools exposing them to a lot of vulnerabilities along the way. In a report shared by the CDC, it has been observed that more than 55000 kids have been admitted with covid 19 since August, however, the death rate in childhood is still quite low and rare.

COVID 19 Delta Variant Strikes Kids As School Reopen

Since the schools have opened up again the Delta variant has been dominant in children’s and even though it doesn’t affect the vaccinated people much, the virus transmits from one vaccinated person to another unvaccinated person causing him or her more damage in the process.

Dr. Jon McCullers a pediatrician at Le Bonheur Children’s Hospital said that they will be expecting a lot more cases in children as their immune systems are not as strong as adults which will cause the virus to attack them much easier. The masks have been staged mandatory by the CDC for both vaccinated and unvaccinated people.

CDC has advised the schools to keep proper health care kits and to provide sensitizers at every corner. Once the school session has been finished for the day the classrooms are to be sanitized so that the children can come back the next day to the virus-free zone.

Dr. Susannah Hills a pediatrician said that earlier she had seen the virus mostly in kids with some illness or some hereditary conditions, however now even the healthy kids are showing the symptoms of the virus and are mostly admitted due to delta variant of coronavirus. It is been said that children now make up to 26% of the total people infected with the virus and the numbers are increasing on a daily basis.

The CDC has advised the schools to make sure that the children follow the safety protocol and keep a social distance from each other. The main thing is to make children aware of this so that they know how to deal with the social environment. Many schools have started a special seminar teaching the kids how to use sanitizers and why it is important to have a face mask all the time. This will greatly help to prevent and control the Delta variant in many regions.

It has been observed that many kids get admitted to hospitals weeks or months later even though they are infected with covid 19 because they aren’t showing any symptoms, this phenomenon is known as a multisystem inflammatory syndrome in children and is making it hard to isolate the source since the patients come after weeks into contact.

The CDC says that the best way to prevent getting MIS-C is to take daily measures by cleaning yourself and keeping your work and study environment clean and healthy. It has also been advised to wear masks indoors so that it doesn’t spread from one child to another or from a parent to a child. Children unknowingly do touch many things which might help spread the virus faster.

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